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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 8
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Am right to tell u all dat u all guess wrong…alas it was sandra..hey wat are u doing here,i asked her…

Sandra:-am here to pay a visit to my aunty and u?
Me:-this is my street nau**dont want to tell her my house,cause i know she’s desperate**
Sandra:-where are you going?,
Me:-to buy recharge card nau
Me:- that side,**pointing at the place**
Sandra:-that’s my aunty side,i guess we are going same place

Me:-eehm ehm,yes…….common lets go,she held my hand as we walked,till we get to the place,i want to buy the card…..

Sandra:-that’s my sister’s house*pointing at one big storey building**

Me:- oooh!!dat place,so your aunt is the principal of that public school..

Sandra:- yeah,she winked
Me:- **some pple rich die**ok no problem
Sandra:- ok o,can i have your phone number…
Me:- **eey,shey na today,i go embarrass myself,me wey no get phone,not that my parents cant afford it ooo,but whenever i talk phone to there hearing,all they wil say is”wayne you don’t need that for now”how i go take handle this solution nau?**am sorry,my phone just got spoilt last two weeks and its with the engineer..i lied
Sandra:- oops,sorry,shuld i give you one to manage,pending the time,your phone is ready..
Me:- no thanks and God bless…

Sandra:- you know i can do anything for you,….this time wraping her hand on my waist,we gazed for some seconds,suddenly her faced was coming closer,closer!!,closer!!!….JESUS,our lips,wat happened,wats’ her tongue doing with mine…..i pushed her away in a polite manner,i gotta go,my dad will be waiting for me,i said….i love you prest,she said..don’t know what to say than to run to mama anders shop…i bought the recharge card,when i got home..what took you so long,my dad asked,they were looking for change i replied,and why cant u come home,he asked,i taught you need it urgently i replied….hmmmn he breath….Dad i need to discuss some important issues with you,i said….what,he asked,**looking at me with concern**..plz i need a phone,i said with a coloured face…i wil think about it he said,leaving me half satisfied,i stood up and walked to my room,i collapsed on the best and start ruminating about what happened between sandra and I…….

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