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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 5
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We did all how test…d result was still the same,except in physics that i came first and clara came third,james was the 5th, JUAN ISREAL(our class captain)to occupy the fourth position,while Rachel was the second*i know physics die*..BREAK,the time keeper rang the bell,i went to see miss tennie alias aunty wahala, a.k.a honourable class teacher(H.C.T),when i got to her office,i saw her looking for what is not lost…

Me:gud day ma,
H.c.t:gud day wayne
Me:you said you want to see me ma,
H.c.t:yeah,i guess you know why i called you
Me:no ma,

H.C.T: well i want to know why u walked out on me the last wik monday,and why u aiint present thorought that week again…

Me:about the reason i walked out on you last week,i have no explanation for that but am really sorry for doing that,and the reason why am not in school is between God and i, i answered politely

H.c.t:well wayne you know what?
Me:wat ma?

H.c.t:since the first time i saw you,i knew u will be very stubborn and intelligent,and i also love those people that are stubborn and intelligent…you see am also sorry for what i did to you last week,i almost cried when you aren’t present throughout lastweek,i taught u won’t be coming again,plz forgive me,and as from today i will lyk us to be friend,any tpoic you don’t understand in any subject bring it,i wil be glad to do it…..

Me: *for the first time,dis woman is talking sense,dis really cause for celebration* thanks alot ma, BREAK OVER!!the time keeper said”standing up and about go out”she said again,Prestige!!hope we are fwends now, sure i replied and storm out of the office….as soon as i get to my class,i saw clara,how eyes met..i didn’t say anything i went and sat down on my seat…

Throughout that period,racheal and wilson where just throwing occasional glances at me…*well i pray all is well*

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