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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 4
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As soon as i got home,i went for a shower,lie down on my bed and slept off..Later around 5:00pm,i woke up feeling dizzy,went to the kitchen took some food(fried yam and egg) finished it within a tickling of an eye,on my way to my room,i heard my mum called..PREST

Me:yes mum
Mum:you look dull,what happened
Me;ehmn, Nothing mum, i jzt woke up,that’s why my face is like this…

Mum:you mean u slept this afternoon
Me:yeah mum,wat*seein her facial look*
Mum:unlike you,u dont sleep during noon nor afternoon..definately something is wrong
Me:alryt mum,the truth is just that,this my new school,i don’t like it jare
Mum:wat happened
Me:they aiint friendly at all,my class teacher nearly killed me today self
Mum:what!!!what did u do to her
Me:Nothing oooo

Mum: okay dont worry,i will talk to your dad and see what wil can do to help you
Me:thank mum……….

@3:00a.m in the night

i found myself vomiting vigorously*winshes and lizard wetin i take do you now*Mum i called and fainted….

I woke up,seeing myself in a strange environment but i know it is an hospital,as soon as i open my eyes,i saw happiness in everyone face,they were happy…Thank God,you are alright mum said..

Mum wat happened i asked.I really don’t know but i heard u called my name last night when i get to your room you are already weak and dizzy,i guess you lost a lot of blood last night,cause u really vomit alot of blood

Me: *chai,so na blood,i dey vomit,i think say na food i dey vomit oooo,DIS ONE IS STRONG*hmmn hope the doctor say my condition is not critical–i asked


For about a week,i was retained in the hospital,sunday evening i was discharge….i slept off as soon as we got home….

@ about 5:00a.m,monday morning,i woke up,get dress and was set for school,then after,we did our morning devotion in which we ended about 6a.m..everyone was set for his/her various working place,my dad decided to drop me in my school.Getting to school,opening the gate,thank God the assembly asn’t started i said….

What’s is now your real name,i heard someone asking…looking back i saw sandra *this winch again, after what you did to me on tuesday morning,you stil have the gutz to call me abi,don’t worry*,am i not talking to you…she said
Me:hey sandra,am not late today,so don’t ask me any question,u are here to look for late comer not names,u told me urz willingly,i didnt ask,did i? I snapped and walked away….She was very shocked but didnt show it…..


we were already in class,everything had already change,clara seat has been taken to the front,two newcomers,a boy and a girl..Well this new girl is managable,all i know about her was that her …… And …… Was ok….*maybe u can fill in d gap to ur own taste*……….

Tear a sheet of paper,our biology teacher(madstar khola) said,for wat i asked,dont u know today is ur test…TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shouted*me wey know read,wey b say na hospital i pass my wikend,say na dis i go start dey fall my hand in front of my enemies*

we did the test,submitted,well am glad i did 18 out of 20 question*at least i tried…..
Our paper was marked our score was paste on the noticed board..all of us went there to look for his/her score and position…when i got there saw something….WAYNE PRESTIGE number…….

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