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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 33
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Me:-welcome ma,
Mum:-thank you and how was your school today?
Me:-fine ma

Mum:-your class teacher called me today and told me you are gonna come late cause she will be teaching you lessons,,,,did she teach you anything today.?…

Me:-**yeh!so our aunty sabi form lie like dis,Hell **yeah….

Mum:-where is your lesson note…
Me:-she gave me class-work,so i submitted it in her office..

LIzzy:-welcome ma,
Mum:-my daughter,how are you?
Lizzy:-fine ma,

Mum:-have you eaten?
Lizzy:-yeah mum

Lizzy:-yam and egg ma,
Mum:-no wonder,prest is just with all smiles today….

Lizzy:-abi ooooo
Me:-**you dey craze,wetin be abi oooo their,have i eaten your Food?nonsense girl**mum,why is it that you always ask her if she had eaten or not?

Mum:-don’t you know that if someone is living with you,he/she must not be starve of anything especially food…

Me:-**mtcheeew**ok ma..
It was 7:00p.m,i went to my mum’s room knocked the door,fortunately she’s not asleep so she came to open the door for me;
Mum:-prest what are you doing here at this time?
Me:-mum i came to ask you some questions?
Mum:-prest you can see that am already sleeping,can’t you wait till tommorrow?..
Me:-that it is mum,that is it**raising my voice a bit**anytime i come to meet you to talk with you,you are always busy…….**turning to take my leave**

Mum:-ok!just come in and say whatever you want to say…

Me:-thank you**coming in to sit on a chair and faced her**mum i came here to know the answers to these three questions….

Mum:-be fast,what and what?

Me:-hmmmn,i came to ask you,if you knew anything about i and lizzy getting married in future,to also know about my dad’s whereabout,and to also know why my sisters are not visiting us……

Mum:-hmmn,prest you’ve asked two great questions and one pheri-pheral but today i promised to tell you the truth about everything ….

Me:-listening mum
Mum:-about lizzy,her family and ours where the one that made an oath for you people to get married to each other..

Mum:-hmmmn**taking a deep breath**Bryn(lizzy mum) and i have been friends since we were kids,so is your dad and her late dad….

Me:-is that why you want us both to get married…
Mum:-calm down,yeah that’s is one of the reason we both agreed to let you both be couple in future but the main reason was when i and bryn were pregnant,we went to a church to pray for our safe delivery but after the pastor finished praying,he said he had a vision that you and lizzy will be a great couple in future….

Me:-so why did you now took an oath?
Mum:-our oath taking is not for you to get married to her by force,but to make a promise not to stand in any of your way when you both one to get married to one another……

Me:-so if i decided not to marry her,nothing is gonna happen to you and dad right?
Mum:-nah nah nah,prest don’t tell me you didn’t love that girl…

Me:-mum i already have a………

Me:-no mum i mean a crush**honestly i mean a girlfriend(s)but quickly changed it not to arose any suspicions**

Mum:-hmmn my young prest is having a crush..**smiling**anyway you now know that lizzy is your wife to be,so no need having a crush not to talk of girlfriend…….

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