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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 31
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Hours later the school closed for the day, i was about going to H,c,t office when Racheal held my arms from the back and forcefully drag me back,she fell on her knees and said;prest am really sorry forgive me, (in front of the class) though the class was a bit rowdy cause it was closing,only some few students pay attention to us..I quickly pulled her up,

Me:-is ok,but you know you shouldn’t be doing this,it somehow embarrassing,you know?..

Racheal:-well maybe that’s what i think i can do to make you forgive me..

Me:-well,you didn’t do anything bad,so what did you now want me to forgive you for?…

Racheal:-i didn’t do anything bad to you abi?,then why are you now angry with me earlier in the day

Me:-it comes like that,sorry if i have hurt you with that…

Racheal:-its ok…… are you going now or you waiting for my car to come and pick us up…
Me:- I…..i…..i……actually am going to see aunty benson,cause my mum sent me to her.But i won’t stay their long,but if your driver arrives before me don’t wait ok!!

Racheal:-**smiling**you and this your aunty,hmmn something is fishy..

Me:-not only fishy,digestive also…..

I got to h.c.t office seconds later, i knocked the door and heard a voice inside that intoned me to come in,so i opened the door and entered…..;

Me:-welldone ma,
H.c.t:-thank you,have your seat
Me:-**sitting down**ma,you called me?
H.c.t:-yeah i called you cause we have some important things to discussed

Me:-yes ma,

H.c.t:- hmmn,i don’t know where to start**standing up from her seat and sitting down on a table in front of me.**…..Ever since i was a kid have been dreaming of a very nice,handsome,cute,intelligent young man.Every man that had come my way,i have no feelings for,but to my greatest surprise the day i saw you was the day i saw the man of my dream,intelligent,cute,handsome,courageous boy,first i felt like keeping it cause you are still young for that,but i can’t hide the feelings anymore,i feel like i would burst,if i can keep the feelings any longer **caressing my face with her hand**prest i love you badly**whispering the word luv you badly**

Me:-**Lord what can i say in this type of situation…..i prayed silently**ma,please what did you now want me to do?

H.c.t:-prest I need your love back….i need you to love me dearly with all your heart

Me:-**so na now you need my love,mango don dey grow for apple tree abi cashew don dey grow for banana tree ?i go suffer you die,hahaha, yeye teacher**…but ma, i already like you what else do you want..?.

H.c.t:-prest don’t you get what am saying,i said i want you to be the love of my life,the one and only please just say yes

Me:-**yeh!!,which kind class teacher be dis?you didn’t even give me time to think about your proposal**ma,but there are young male teachers here that are handsome,intelligent and cute like our biology teacher (madstar khola) is.
H.c.t:-prest please listen to what i am saying ,i didn’t say there is no handome looking man here but among them you are totally different talking of your biology teacher **dat guy wey him and baboon dey compete for Mr Handsome**let me just keep my mouth shut….

Me:-ok ma
H.c.t:-you mean ok as in yes…

Me:-no oo i mean i now understand what you are saying

H.c.t:-please now prest..
Me:-**well you no even ask if i get girlfriend,inshort right now i get fiancee,but am gonna say yes and enjoy it till it last…**Yes ma,let see how it goes……..

H.c.t;-you mean yes i.e agreed
Me:-yes ma

H.c.t:-**stood up,walked forward and gave me a tight hug**i luv you prest…..

Me:-hmmm,can i go home now?
H.c.t:-so fast let me take you to one cafeteria to celebrate it…

Me:-**celebrate what?**thank you ma,i have to go now,maybe another day …**going out of her office**

H.c.t:-hmn hmn not even a peck**touching her cheeks**.

Me:-**well if to say na peck,i get phd for that** moving forward to give her a light kiss
H.c.t:-bye my love can’t wait to see you in school tommorrow ooo
Me:-ok ma,bye…..


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