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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 30
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Aan to meet her;

H.c.t:-wayne is everything ok!

Me:-yes ma,
H.c.t:-what happened between you and Racheal,what did you both want to sort out?

Me:- **ma,must you know everything? teachers like you are the people they used to call amebor is my hobby**hmmn….(short of words,lies don go on strike)

H.c.t:-follow me to my office,we have a lot of things to discuss.,…

We both are walking to her office,when the time keeper rang the bell to inform the student,that the break has ended…;

H,c,t:- OOops…. prest, did you know what will happen now?

Me:-no ma,(silly question,i be God?,mtcheeew)
H.c.t:-will you mind coming to my office after school hour?

Me:- **me,ha go mind well well,inshort before dey ring the bell for closing,i go don reach mai house tey tey**yes ma,my mum asked me to come home as early as possible…

H.c.t;-don’t worry am gonna call her and inform her right away……..

Me:-ok ma
H.c.t:-you can now go….
Me:- thank you ma,…..

School works continues as usual,we were having english language ,during this period,Racheal was just throwing occasional glances at me,I can read it in her mind that she felt like saying something maybe apologize or something else(one thing i like Racheal for,is that she understand things quickly and also quick to apologize her wrong doing ).Minutes later our principal came in whispered some words into the ear of our english teacher and walked out.Later when our english teacher
was through with us,he called my name and said the principal said he needs my attention and he went out of the class….i walked out of my class,going to the principal office,as soon as i got their i met wind,H.c.t and principal,i greeted them all in which they replied and was later offered a seat beside h.c.t;

Principal:-young man your class teacher had told me why you are not here during break,if not i would have flogged the hell out of you……

Me:-thank you ma,**greeting my class teacher,which she replied me with a charming smile**
Principal:-and also wind and your class teacher had explained everything to me.And am going to pardon you both just because you are not kinda type of hard guys in this school.But next time you tried that with me in this school,you are going to smell your anus ok!!!**now both of you hold your ears and run to your class**

Thank you sir,**wind and i chorused and ran out of his office**

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