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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 29
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We all marched into our class,as soon as we get inside,i went to my seat and sat down,Racheal did same,i winked at her but she didn’t even smile not to talk of replying. Later h.c.t came inside and called the register,when she finished calling it,she looked at me,smile and walked out.Later our biology teacher walked in,he taught us manything but i swear non was entering by brain,inshort they were even giving me headaches just because of racheal negative altitutes ..

Hours later he finished his boring lesson and went out and it was already break,i didn’t go to see the principal,cause he said he heard that two students fought,well i didn’t fight with wind,sandra did.But come to think of it,i haven’t seen her in school today,what might be the cause?**well na she sabi**..i was the only male in class during break,all the boys had gone out,only few of the girls are in the class and i know they were gossiping about who only God knows,Racheal wasn’t with them,guess she had gone out.I decided to look for her probably find out about her latest behaviours…fortunately as i stepped outside i saw her sitting under the shade of a tree near the administrative block,i quickly run to her;

Me:-**sitting beside her**so what are you doing here only,you could have called me to keep you company,you know…

Racheal:-prest please what can i do for you?
Me:-actually i need you to follow me to that botary and probably get something to eat together…

Racheal:-am not in the mood**standing up**
Me:-**holding her**racheal why are you cold to me since morninig,what have i done to deserve all these?

Racheal:-what you’ve done?
Me:-yeah what i have done?
Racheal:-you don’t know what you’ve done right?

Racheal:-when you proposed to me,did you tell me you are dating sandra?…

Me:-**wait abeg did you just say i proposed to you or you proposed to me?**then who told you am dating Sandra?..

Racheal:-keep your lies prest everybody know that you are dating sandra…so you don’t need to lie…

Me:-everybody knows?you what made you believed am dating her.?..
Racheal:-anytime we are having a talk together,she always come to disturb,what else can that be?

Me:-am really disappointed in you…
Racheal:-me too,i couldn’t believe you could stoop so low to date your senior..

Me:-**well i guess that’s a slip of tongues,dating my senior makes me high**hmmn..

Racheal:-In your life don’t ever talk to me again,i don’t even want to see you again ok!betrayer.**crying**…

Me:-I said am not dating sandra.Is it by force?,what made you people think am dating her?is it a crime for a girl to fight for a boy?am i the only one who’s in this school,why are all eyes on me?am fed up of y’all,i regret the day i met you people,why did you have to come to my house and begged for my return…I HATE Y’ALL…..**angry mode,walking to my class**

Racheal:-**running after me*prest wait plz,wait,let’s talk things over..

Was about stopping when i heard someone with a feminine voice called my name and said;prest i want to see you in my office right now!looking back to see it was H.c.t**wetin she want make i do for her self**

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