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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 28
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Finally she let go off me;

H.c.t;-so you supported your mum ‘s decision in taking you away from this school right?
Me:-no ma

H.c.t:-and why did you feel unconcerned when your Mum was saying that yesterday…?
Me:-don’t know ma,

H.c.t:-anyway thank God you are back now,so what happened between you and wind?….
Me:-ma,nothing ooo, its just that i once mistakenly spat on him,when he slapped me for not working,so i now abused him and ran away…
H.c.t:-ha!you shouldn’t have done that,don’t you know he’s your senior.But wait oo,are you dating sandra…?

Me:-**Jamb question**no ooo,i am not dating anybody oo,if it was wind that said i am dating her,he is lying ma,

H.c.T:-Good,but the rumours had really spread in your class and all your classmates believe you are sandra boyfriend.Am afraid,it will also get to other class but i will see,what i can do to prevent it from spreading any further…

Me:-thank you ma..
H.C.T:-its ok,so who was that girl that sat beside you yesterday..

Me:-**Sandra De 2nd.Why is she even asking?**my mum’s friend daugther
H;c.t:-very beautiful a lady,but is she living with you?

Me:-don’t know ma,but when i get home,i will tell my mum,you want to know why she is living with us…

H.c.t:-no need ok!

Me:-ok ma,

I was just their,in her office chatting with her for about 10minutes,till the time keeper rang the bell for assembly;

we gathered on the assembly ground,lined up orderly according to our sex,class and height.Our chappel prefect girl was their to give us some amazing songs..**you wouldn’t belief this,”ever since i joined this school,this will be the first time am gonna start the assembly with them**the assembly was hot that i decided to change my dancing style, was turning left to change it to another style,when i noticed someone had been watching me since……..WAOH!!!!!this is what people called epitome of beauty,this girl really get herself dressed up,infact i don’t mind declaring her to be my girlfrend in front of the multitude,**describing her will waste my time**this girl i am talking about was no other person than RÄÇHƐ́ÀL,she had really changed,she was now totally different, from the racheal i knew,24hrz ago…The moment i saw her,i was a bit shy to dance again,**dancing steps don scattered**.We finished singing from our hymes.our chappel prefect prayed and later our principal came out and said some words of advice later,he said that he heard that two students fought yesterday and if the students were in school,they should see him in his office during break.After that he asked all of us to go to our various classes…..

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