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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 26
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Later i was called out by sandra,she asked me for a broom and a packer,whick i gave her..;
Me:-sandra are you ok?

Sandra:-yeah,i guess my stomach is upset*smiling*,who’s she?

Sandra:-that girl
Me:-which girl?…

Sandra:-stop playing dumb with me prest,you know the girl am talking about,that girl that sat beside you in the sitting room…

Me:-OOoh Lizzy,yeah she’s my mum friend’s daughter….

Sandra:-is she living with you?
Me:-yeah but will go very soon,lyk 6months to this time..

Sandra:-hmmm,hope you aiint dating her?…
Me:-yes of course,why would i do that…?.
Sandra:-**wink**trust you
seconds later we found our lips together,kissing like an hungry souls**hmmn so sweet**..hmn hmn hmn…**someone clears her throat behind us,we both seprated and looked to see it was Lizzy…..;

Lizzy:-i was asked,to call you both inside..**looking at me with an eye that clearly showed no other words than ANGER**

we both walked inside,minutes later they were going home,my mum and i excorted them outside the gate,bids them bye and moved back inside….

On getting inside,lizzy was in her room already,so i just walked to my room also…..


lizzy hasn’t yet come to my room,cause that’s the time we both agreed on,since she said she can’t sleep alone,and i need to lock my door before i sleep…since she’s not around,i decided to check her in her room,i silently sneaked their,opened the door**fortunatly she didn’t lock it**i met her reading one novel…;

Lizzy:-what are you doing here?

Me:-well i came to check on you and also to know if you are coming to sleep in my room tonight….

Lizzy:-nop,and as you can also so am very busy,so get out!!

Me:-me?**ordinary the word ”no” will do,but saying ”get out”mean another word that shows she was angry..But for what?**
Lizzy;-yes you…

Me:-lizzy,what’s wrong,what have i done to you.?.

Lizzy:-please prest,its late already,i don’t wanna shout,get out now**raising her voice**
Me:-ok but anything have done that’s wrong,am really sorry**turning to leave**..

Lizzy:-so is that your girl friend?**asking with a calm voice**


Lizzy:-the girl i caught you kissing with..

Lizzy:-and why don’t you tell me anything about her?**tears already forming in her face**
Me:-don’t think its neccessary,sorry for not telling you…

Lizzy:-did you truly love her?
Me:-yes,no,and why are you even asking,E concern you,**yawning,**i think its late now,i gotta go….**walking out of her door**
Lizzy:-what about us?

Me:-**turning to face her**who?
Lizzy:-both of us…

Me:-what happened to us?
LIzzy:-don’t tell me,you don’t know we were meant to marry each other since we were kid…

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