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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 20
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It was on monday morning,i woke up to see that lizzy and mum were already doing the chore,i quickly joined them….. We later,took our bathes ,did our morning devotion and got ourselves prepared for school…

@6:50 a.m……
Me:-mum we are ready oooo,am even late now
Mum:-what of lizzy?
Me:-she’s here also….

We both walked to the junction,where we departed for our various schools

@ 7:35 a.m

on getting to school,i was picked among the late comer**sandra wasnt around i guess**we worked for about 2hrz on the school farm..until i voiced out to one of our senior supervising us..i don’t know his real name but i know he was mostly called WIND…..

Wind:-finish your portion and go inside as soon as you are through

Me:-**this is not my portion in jesus name**see am even tired. since morning we’ve been working like prisoners,in fact am done…..***droping the cutlass and going to the class**
Wind:-and where did you think you are going?….
Me;-**post utme question**my class of course
Wind:-are you crazy.?.

Me:-**crayon**no ooo am not**still walking away**
GBOSA!!!!i heard and felt,a thundrous slap on my face…..

Me:-you slapped me?
Wind:-no i poke you,take your cutlass now and start working…..

Me:-**angry mode,activated**you can kill me here,but i swear am not going to take that cutlass again not to talk of working
Gbosa!!wind gave me another striking slap..
Splash,i spat on his face!! and ran to my class…..

On getting to the class Madstar Khola was flogging some student in the class,**this biology teacher self**i went to my seat and sat down..
Madstar:-hey you

Madstar:-yes you,who asked you to sit down
Me:-just coming sir…

Madstar:-and so what,stand up my friend..
Me:-sir what have i done?

Madstar:-when i get to you and ask you a question and you fail to give me the right answer you will be flogged…

me:-ok sir.

Minutes later he got to me..

Madstar:-prest,what is an echological niche..
Me:-***ha ha,you havent thought us this before now**sir,ecological niche is a role and organism played in it habitat/community…

Madstar:-sit down.,.clap for him,,.

Hours later we were having our break.Clara and wilson were already out playing,am really happy for her…….Xup prest…lo! it was racheal..

Me:-am cool,what’s poping?
Racheal:-nothing oooo..lets’ go out and find things to eat..

Me:-if you say so**standing up**
we moved out of the class,gisting and joking till we get to the botary where we bought two chilled can malts and #50 naira gala,on getting outside i saw wind,he was like giving me a ”we shall see hand,but i wasn’t moved ….we both sat down on the step to our maxi-hall taking our food,when i heard someone calling my name…… OMG!!it was sandra

Sandra:-prest i want to see you right now**blinking her eyes for racheal.Who cares**
Me:- i’ll be right back in a minute**speaking to racheal**

Racheal:-owk dear…

Me:-**why must she put Dear…i pray sandra didnt hear this…

Sandra held my hand firmly and dragged me to one disolated place..

Sandra:-prest,are you crazy?
Me:-**jesus!!! See question…**
Sandra:-am i not talking to you..

Me:- Sandra,did you call me here to fight with me….go straight to the point and tell me what you called me here for…**frowning face
Sandra:-prest just tell me why you left your class.I was looking for you,now to find out you are their, gisting and eating with a girl.

Me:-hmmmn**i already know this is what everything is gonna result to,cause ever since i had sex with her,i have felt there is a bond ,i mean something like oath between us and its something i must oblige to:**GUYS DON’T EVER HAVE s.e.X with a GAL,when you aiint ready to marry,most expecially a VIRGIN….** am sorry,it won’t happen again

Sandra:-its ok,Now go and dismiss her and come quicly to meet me under that tree.*pointing to one palm tree*

Me;-alright ma,**turn and move to where Racheal was sitting,joined her,was about saying something,when i heard that Break was over**ooooh thank God**

Racheal:-what did she tell you?
Me:-rubbish,forget it jawe,lets go to the class….
We walked to our class,as soon as we got their,our class teacher came in,called the register and went out..hours later it was closing,i followed racheal dad’s car in other to get home as soon as possible,making to avoid seeing sandra and wind

@ 3:00p.m

i got home to see that lizzy had already arrived,she welcomed me,in short hugged me,collects my bag from me…

Me:-is my food ready?
Lizzy:-your mouth like is my food ready?**mimicking my voice**anyway its ready,guess what i cooked

Me:-rice and beans?

Me:-ok what?
Lizzy:-classic indomie
Me:-and you called that a food..
Lizzy:-remember i said classic,go and off your uniform before you come back ur food will be set on the table.

Me:-OOOh**dad and mum stuff,**don’t worry i will be the one to marry you..**Jesus!!if my this mouth don’t kill me,i will thank God**

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