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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 2
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Nice name-she said..i just shrugged and said nothing…..

wen i got to the assembly,the students were already marching to there various i took the path to the principal office…luckily for me when i got their, he was attending to nobody.. i greeted him and he welcomed me…later handling me over to my class teacher who was a lady at her early twenties i guess….young man watz ur name she asked,Prestige i friend don’t be stupid ur surname and ur name she barked…..*chai* first day in school,prest u don enter am today,dis woman go wicked die i said to myself…Answer me she said …Wayne prestige i said in a shaky voice….u see young man we don’t tolorate any form of expremental classification in any form of hypothesis bla bla bla, ma plz let me get my dictionary i said,naughty boy she said with a smile.She later took me to my class,well i was in SS2c,she gave me a seat next to one girl..D--N…dis girl was so beautiful,well endowed,i was thinking of something good to qualify,modify her but i can’t find it..why…i begin to think of heaven on earth stuffs d movement i sat beside her…later our next teacher cmes in,wic was said to be mathematics.Maths was my best subject,i luv it lyk Jesus,throughout dis period,i was busy looking atall my classmates..after some example,the teacher gave us class work i did it with great zeal,getting the best mark 20/20…the teacher asked everybody to stood up,later calling the score descendingly,20/20 i was d only dat sat down,19.5 d girl sitting nxt to me was the only one that sat down too….i look at d girl,fortunatly she was about looking at me,so our eyes met,i quickly look away,she smiled….BREAK!i taught i heart,anyway it was true.Student were going out for break but i didn’t,i have my reason and don’t ask me,some galz were already gisting in class while i was busy reading a novel,HEY u didnt go out for break,i heard,i looked up and saw my neighbour,i mean d gal i was sitting next to..i didnt reply,cox i don’t like talking to my classmate at my first day of resumption…Aiint u having money to buy something,she asked again…see dis girl ooo,so for her face i resembled poor boy abi,ok i go show u today…*am having ok!i replied,Den lets’ go chill out their she said…see me see trouble ooo ..ok i replied,closing my novel..minutes later we found ourselves under one mango tree behind our botary eating chips and cold can malt,xo tell me ur name she said,my name i asked, no ur twin she said knockin my head playfully…prestige but my friend call me prest..*shoo, me wey neva girl fwend,wey be say i be indoor pikin dey form dbanj for dis gal, nawa ooo*..Clara she said,hmmn nice name i replied,urz nko?she said,mine is jzt casual urz is impressive i said….BREAK OVER! So fast she said..hmmn playful girl i replied..we got to the class i can see some winshes and wilizard eyes looking at so i begin to sing babalawo power ooo,mummy water power ooo i will never bow down,within…minutes later our class teacher entered d class marked d register,she later introduced herself to d the new students telling us her name us TENNIEBENSON…TENNIE WHAT!! I shouted…who said that she said..i stood up,go and knee down in my office,she said…..ha!ma am not refering to you,i was……shut up go and knee down in my office…she bleat not bark dis time around…i was terrified as i walk to her office….

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