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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 19
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During the service,i felt i had lost something,all my body was light.All i just prayed for was forgiveness, and promised God not to involve myself in such act again………….

@ 3:00 P.M mid-day..

After service
prest,my mum called
Me:-yes mum
Mum:-i have a good news for you
Me:-what mum **feeling excited**
Mum:-did you know that Bryn had got a visa to travel to london….

Mum:-yes darling**winking**
Me:-how come you knew?

Mum:-she told me that herself today during the service..

Me:-oOOh i am gonna miss her and her children.i wish she can take me along too..

Mum:-how wil she take you,when she’s not taking her own kids along…

Me:-you mean lizzy and lestner are not going with her

Mum:-yeah,infact they will be coming to live with us,till there mum get a green passport and gain feet,before she work their own visa abroad……

Me:-serious Mum..
Mum:-of course..
Me:-when wil she leave?….

Mum:-tommorrow afternoom..

Mum:-yeah,any probs with that..?
Me:-yeah,its too fast..

Mum:-ok,you wil tell her that, when she come this evening…

Me:-OOOOPs…poor lestner,he’s going to miss her mum badly..

Mum:-yeah mum’s pet just like you.

Mum:-i dont have time to spare for your arguement,let me quickly go and prepare food for our visitors…

Bryn info…….****

bryn was a widow,her husband just died 2 years ago,since then she has been trying to work her way abroad to find a greener pasture lukilly for her she got it this year. she gave birth to 2 kids,a girl and a boy,Lizzy and Lestner …..Lizzy and i were agemate and also classmate then,in my former school.we’ve been friend since we were kid.lestner was her brother,she was 2 years older than him……

@ 5:30 p.m


Mum:prest go and open the gate,they are here,,
i quickly dash out to open the gate,the car moved in….

Welcome ooo,my mum shouted..**embracing bryn**

Me:-good afternoon ma,
Bryn:-good afternoon prest,how are you…..?
Me:-cool ma,lizzy how are you?‎
Lizzy:-am not fyn ooooo**..

Me:-**smile,well i didnt even expect you to be**
Mum:-lets go inside and eat our food jawe..
After the dinner,all of us were in the sitting room discussing..

Mum:-prest take your friends to their room..
Me:-oya follow your master…**carrying lizzy bag inside**what of lestner bag ?

Bryn:-lestner is going with us now
Mum:-why? i taught you told me that your kids are living with us..

Bryn:-no oooo,lestner is following us ooo,i have a relative,whose we planned to be married and using lestner as our son in other to get quick,easy visa and ticket…

Mum:-you shouldnt be doing that you are a christian for christ sake…

Bryn:-i know,but you know how am desperate to go abroad now and also how have tried to get the visa last years and all to no avail…..

Mum:-ok I pray God forgive you oo
Bryn:-Amen oo,let me quickly go now and make neccessary arrangement for my tommorrow’s flight…Lizzy take care oooo,bye bye***lizzy was just looking at them trying to prevent herself from crying***dont worry three month time,i will come to pick you ok

Me:**YINMU,e eazy like that,dat’s what you pple always say**

Lestner:-aunty bye**waving her hands to lizzy**
on seeing this lizzy ran inside,locked her door and started crying…..OOOH poor lizzy..

Hours later…after bryn departure
Mum:-**whispering*,prest go and meet your visitor and try to cheer her up
Me:-**i don turn to comedian be dat ooo** ok ma,no problem..

Ko ko ko…no respond.

Me:-lizzzy i command you now as your new friend to open that door or else….. **still no respond**

Me:-lizzy plz now open this door i want to tell you something….**no respond**

Me:-there is light let go and watch film jawe,have you watched love is timeless?merlin?**still no respond**honestly i didnt know why she is sad,but as for me i got a new friend,am happy…my house chore had been reduced..thank to God-i said to myself….

Since you refused to open the door for me,i guess i will come back later…..**walking away**
come in-she said,calling me back
OOOps,she had cried to stupor,her eyes were now red…**ooh i dont blame her sha**i tried to console her and drag her to the sitting room where we watched films till we cant watch again…..hours later we both departed to have our sleep…..

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