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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 18
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About 2a.m midnight….

Me:- O lord what have i done…**in tears**
Sandra:- prest i have told you already to stop blaming yourself for what happened,it has happened,and there is nothing you can do about it.The best is for you to pray it doesn’t lead to pregnancy…..

Me:-Jesus!,You mean i still need to pray..plz tell me how it happened..O God am dead….am scared sandra,am really scared….**stil crying**
Sandra:-stop all this prest,you are a matured teen,stop behaving like a novice,i should be the one to be crying and scared and you should be the one to console me….Prest dont you know you just defiled me…..**raising her voice a little**

Me:- DEFILED!!how?,when?**looking at the bed to see some blood on the sheet** ”common prest you are having terrible dream,wake up plz,wake up……

Sandra:-its ok prest,you dont have to hate yourself.Right now you just have to pull yourself togeda as for me,nothing has happened…i am really tired now,i need to get my self some sleep…**she said and turned to sleep on the bed**

O Gosh,i can’t imagined wat had just happened as i walk back to my room…O no dis aiint going to happen….


our lips locked for some minutes.Being a novice i just give her a little romance,Reaching for her bweast squizzing it a bit,then raising her gown up to go for the [email protected] drag it down,then IN it went….. Going in their was very tight has it has to tear and wear some flesh before its entered,this moment sandra m0an!ng as turned to sadness,as tears ran down her cheeks,but she wasn’t in the mood to stop nor I..thrusting in as fast as possible till i …… 10 mins later…..Then i realised the gravitational influence of what i just did***********

O prest why did you have to bring all these disgraces on us..,not even one disgrace,prest why?why?……why making all those girls pregnant?my mum said,crying

Ah!prest you really disappoint us…My sisters said
You are a b-----d prest,my dad finally said…….

Hmmmn…i looked at all the ladies in front of me with all their stomach out,first i saw,sandra,racheal,clara,riley,and prech….i immediately ran into the bush and hung my self to death……

Prest!!wake up its time,go and take ur bath its time for church… i heard my mum called
OO thank God it was a dream..

Me:-mum Goodmorning, what of sandra?
MUM:-good mawning dear,she has gone home..
Me:-**how i wish that was also a dream.**….mum i need to go to the toilet now.**standing up and walking to the tolilet..

Me:-**stop walking**ma,
Mum:-i guess your friend is probably on her period yesterday..

Me:-period as how?
Mum:-prest stop playing dumb i know you knew….
Me:-****ewoh,my dream is going to be true,no way,am dead**why did you say that mum?

Mum:- i saw a blood stain on the bed sheet and this morning she has a problem with her walking posture**

Me:-**thank God** OO mum,you are too observant

Mum:-take that as a compliment darling,now go get yourself prepared for church………

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