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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 17
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Me:-what!**dis girl wat i do,whqt dos she even want from me**

Sandra:-hi did i come in a bad time?
Mum:-who is that?

Mum:-let her come in
Me:-come in..

Sandra:-thank you**looking at me seducively**
Me:- **if this girl cause any trouble for me today,na me go kill am**

Sandra:-Good evening ma,**greeting my mum**
Mum:-welcome what are you doing here and how can we help you

Sandra:-am here to collect my brother’s phone for him,he left it with prest,yesterday in school…
Me:-**exciting**yeah mum,she is the sister of the boy who gave me his phone to keep….

Me:-yes mum
Mum:-let her talk with her own mouth…

Me:-sowi mum
Mum:-so,where is that your brother now
Sandra:-he is living with my parents while am living with my aunty..

Mum:-how come you know that his phone is with my son

Sandra:-he called me since he can’t come and he knows i am living at same street with prest..
Me:-***thank you Lord,thank you sandra,was all i was just saying**

Mum:-so,are you both in same class
Sandra:-nope,i am his senior,but my brother is in same class with him…

Mum:-nice,what warrant him to bring phone to school

Sandra:-my dad asked him to take it along,so as for him to repair its’ broken screen after school
Mum:-so prest why did you collected the phone from him?

Me:-mum but i already told you it was a mistake..
Mum:-it mustn’t repeat itself again prest.Understand!!

Me:-yes ma,**facing sandra with a thankful eye**
Mum:-take **handling the phone back to sandra**
Sandra:-thanks ma,i gotta go

Me:-her house now
Mum:-prest what is the time their?
Me:-mum her house is just a stone throw from this place now
Mum:-what did the time says?

Mum:-take this phone and dialled your aunty or parent phone number**handling her phone to sandra**

Me:-mum,i guessed you just want to have the number right..
Mum:-Just wait and see..
Me:-mum i don’t.

Mum:-sshhh!its ringing..helo ma,your sister wont be able to come tonyt,yes ma,she is in his friend house,yeah am his mum,by tommorrow unfaillingly,she will come as early as possible,thanks ma,i promise,bye……

Mum:-take ur friend to her room

Mum:-visitors room,
Me:-oya follow me o**leading sandra to the visitors’ room

Mum:-one more thing**talking to sandra**if you need anything ask prest
Sandra:-that i will do ma,

Mum:-okay ooo,gud nyt,open and entered her room..

As soon as i led sandra to her room and was about turning back

Sandra:-won’t i get a thank you here**whispering**

Me:-but i already did that before now,but how did you know everything..

Sandra:-i heard you and your mum discussion at the door

Me:-i guess,you must have stayed their for a long time

Sandra:-yes darling.
Me:-thanks again am very greatful…**turning to leave**

Sandra:- prest
Me:-yes ma,
Sandra:-where is my cover sheet
Me:-check under the box
Sandra:-can’t find it
Me:-oooo God,see i really have to catch my sleep oo**coming inside to look for the sheet**dis is it**throwing the sheet to her.

Sandra locked the door immediately,as i was about going out and she dragged me forward till our lips met and suddenly we fell on the bed…OOOOOH MY MUM CAUSED THIS SH*T

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