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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 16
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Sandra’s Sandra’:-because we are both special and made for each other
Me:-hmmmn**honestly out of these gals i have feelings for this girl pass,maybe she might be right to say we are made for each others**

Minutes later our mouth glued togeda**yeah am just used to kissing,i think there is no big deal their,but talking of s.*.x i can’t say and can’t do,cause am always shy and scared**it move on til i start touching her bossom,squizzing it inside her shirt…tring tring,i heard my alarm ring,**it was 8:15p.m..oops am sorry we cant continue my mum will soon be around,you have to go now i said

Sandra:-its alryt luv,my aunty wil also be waiting for me,cox i told her,i will be going to my friend house to read but promised her to come back early…

Me:- okay darling see ya later….

i escorted her out of our gate and followed her down the street,we later parted with warm hug and kiss (thanks for the street light we’ve around) some minutes later my mum arrived from the ceremony

Me:-welcome mum what took you so long…
Mum:- the party was quite hetic and stressful
Me:-mum you went to a party?

MUM:-yeah,any problem?
Me:-i taught you said you are going to a naming ceremony..

Mum:- prest hope you aiint deaf,did i tell you where i was going when i was leaving?

Me:-no but?
Mum:-but what?
Me:-when did you start going to a party?
Mum:-the day you start going out with a girl.
Me:-she’s just a friend
Mum:-it also just a party
Me:-mum believe me am gonna tell all this to dad
Mum:- nice,and am going to tell him also about your ordeal

Me:-he’s not gonna believe you.
Mum:-same here darling…

Me:-its a lie,dad believes everything i told him cox am his only darling cute son

Mum:-and who am i?a maid?for God sake am his only beautiful damzel and the mother of his children

Me:-lets wait and see**walking to my room**

Me:-yes mum
Mum:-did anyone come here
Mum:-what did you mean by yes,no
Me:-sorry mum,i mean no,why are you even asking
Mum:-am totally perceiving a perfume different from ours

Me:-**my own don meet me**,mum it may come probably from outside
Mum:-yeah i guess so..

Unkiss me,unlove me,untake this heart**i heard a phone ringing from my room**

Mum:’wats dat
Me:-**eeh,eeay,kansa,sandra don kill me how will she do something tragic like dis,she forgot her phone here**its…

Mum:-prest who own that phone?
Me:-its for my friend.

Mum:-but you said nobody come here
Me:-yes mum,i took it from her,sorry him
Mum:-took it or stole it

Me:-he asked me to hold it for him,later he forget it in my bag

Me:-yes mum
Mum:-prest did you think am a fool,do you think am gonna buy that lie of yourz,when did your school authorized it from student to start bringing phone to school.

Me:-mum can’t you believe me
Mum:-am trying prest,can’t you see that am trying,few weeks back you was telling your dad that you need a phone when he refused,i guess that’s when you went ahead to steal a phone from your mate
ko ko ko,a knock,i went to open it to find out it was sandra,?

Me:-what?**dis girl wan kuku finish my life**

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