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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 15
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OKAY MUM thankz**going to my room**
Mum:- are you not going to eat..

Me:- Mum am not hungry,thank you.
Mum:-have you eaten anything from your friend place

Me:- **shocked**no mum,i told you i went to the library…

Mum:- owk ooo, i will be going out now,incase you are hungry,u know where to get food,don’t you?

Me:- yeah i know
Mum:-come and open the gate for me
Me:- Mum you know what?

Me:-maybe you should start looking for a gateman,cox am tired of doing this everyday
Mum:-lazy boy,abeg go open gate for me jare
**standing up to open the getting,when i got to the gate and was about opening one side,i saw Sandra…

Me:- sandra what are you doing in my house

Me:-what,who are you looking for?.
Sandra:-i came for you,i came to greet you any problem with that..

**Was about responding when i saw that my mum was in the car and was about driving out…..:…**

Me:- sandra hide yourself
my mum later drove out..
Sandra:-aiint you gonna allow me to come in
Me:-alryt jzt come in..

Sandra:-not even a hug?
Me:-hug ko,hang ni**moving forward to give her a warm hug**walking her to the sitting room
Me:-shey, you know say you only gets 10mins to use here,cause my dad would soon be around
Sandra:-nice one darling,are you not gonna offer me something and take me to your room
Me:-my room?

Sandra:-yes any problem
Me:-i no get room oo**i lied**
Sandra:-i know you are lying now.Who get that room pointing at my room

Me:- ** Oo gosh** i forgot to close my door,–i guess she saw my clothes on the hanger–okay its mine..she didnt even allow me to finish when she walked pass me and entered my thing Gbamm!she fell on my bed,her skirt flung up and i swear i could see her inner wear blurdly

Sandra:-hmmn,no wonder you are always late to school.

Me:-what made you say that?
Sandra:-you got a soft bed,probably you always slept off time

Me:- you’re teasing me abi?
Sandra:-idiot am not,can’t you just come and have a sit beside me to check if want am saying is true**throwing my pillow to me**not long we started playing on my bed…..woop! nepa took light,i used my hand in locating where my touch is,i later found and switched it on…look at the time it was 7:05 p.m

Sandra:-i taught you said your dad will arrive 40mins ago..

Me:-just joking,he embarked on a journey to europe**jesus!!my mouth no go kill me,my mum already warned me not to tell anyone where my dad went to,whenever he travelled..**

Sandra:-literaturelist with all there travelling stuff,who knows if he was call to attend the noble award…

Me:- **honestly she was right my dad was call to attend that ceremony but i didnt talk in other not to leak more secret **

Sandra:-what of your mummy
Me:-she went to her friend naming ceremony but i guess she would be around in two hours time..
Sandra:-you get a nice home prest…your parents are responsible..

Me:-thankz and urz too

Sandra:-honestly we can be great together being a couple in future.i have taught about it and have seen we will be great together

Me:-hmm,you might be right,but you are my senior and …

Sandra:- Prest,we are both agemate and you know that quite alryt,its just that i have a fast education than you.But all i need from you is your love,i love you prest**

Me:-but i love you already
Sandra:-yeah but i need more,can we go on a date?

Me:- a date to where?
Sandra:- prest quit this stuff and stop playing dumb,you know i really want you to be my man..
Me:-sandra you got a lot of handsome,awesome,inelligent boy in your class that are struggling to die for your love…but why me?


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