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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 14
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It was another lady again,wadup i heard racheal greeting her,who’s dis,she asked racheal**pointing at me**racheal drag her inside and introduced her to me

Racheal:-sista Riley meet prest,prest meet riley my sister

Riley:-nice meeting you**stretching her hand forward**

Me:-same here**shaking her hand also**oops,looking at the time,its already 3:05pm,i gotta go i said..

Riley:-hope am not the one that make you wanna take ur leave

Me:-ahnn ahnn not at all,
Racheal and i work down the stairs,getting to the sitting room,that lady was still there,that’s my cousin aunty Prech,
Me:-goodbye ma,i said to her…

Prech:- O yeah so its time already?
Me:-yes ma

Prech:- let me quickly drop you off
Me:-thanks ma

Racheal:-let me quickly change my cloth and join you guyz

Prech:-no need racheal,i won’t be coming home direct,i will be going to my friends house
Racheal:-eayah,i guess other time sha
prech:- owk let me quickly go and clean up the car…*she walked out**

Racheal;- **look into my face and bringing her face forward**i quickly went for the door wave her bye,*

As prech was driving me home,she was just saying all sort of things,ha!boring things until i heard her said;

Prech:-you are scared to kiss my sister right
Me:-your sister?

Prech:yeah racheal
Prech:-you don’t need to lie,cause when i was passing by along the study,i heard her saying something like,are you scared to kiss me

Prech:-dont worry i can give you a tutorial

Me:-no thanks i don’t need it

Prech:- common it wont hurt you about 10 mins of your time
Me:- okay how
Prech:- quickly park her car, touch my face

Prech:- me now,are you stil scared
Me:-sowi i dont think i need this.
Prech:- common just touch
Me:-okay,touching are chicks**my hand were shaking on her face**

Prech:-dont make that hand shaky make it firm
Me: okay ma,

PREcH:-slide it down a little bit
Me:- okay**slidding down her face
Prech:- now ur lips with mine

Me:- bringing it forward making it touch it……**that is when the tutorial end**

prech:-waoh u are awesome**after the kissing stuff

Prech:-racheal will be lucky to have someone like you

Prech:-hw i wish
Me:- dat wat?
Prech:- forget,so hw old are you?
Me:-16 and u?

Prech:- will be 17 this year
Me:-and you drivind a big car like this
Prech:-common its just an automatic car,u just have to control the staring

that’s my house i said,oops nice house she parked her car come out and wave her goodbye i entered our house,i met my mum in the sitting room

Me:-GOOd afternoon mum
Mum:-welcme dear,so who was that lady that drop you off

Me:- a good samaritan
Mum:- prest how many time av i warned you not to enter any strange person car

Me:-Mum i didnt tell you she was strange to me,she’s is my friend sister

Mum:- prest when did you start having friends
Me:-mum my school friend,she’s not that bad

Me:- Oh mum
Mum:- prest is not your fault its mine,as from today no library no going out
Me:-okay mum

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