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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Immediately she was about saying something,when the lady with us,stand up and went out…**uptill now i dont know what made her stood up **
Me:- say something now
Racheal:- **come closer hold my right palm**will you be my boyfriend?

Me:- **GBAM!!!!nuclear-atomic bomb,so fast no story,nothin nothing**hmmn i will think about it
Racheal:- plz now,you and i know that there is nothing to think about,you know the chemistry between us is very strong..plz nw

Me:- **look at dis girl,she dey mention chemistry,chemistry ko,physics ni,even clara wey first you self,i avn’t reply her yet **racheal promise me something

Me:-if i say YES ,you aiint going to spilt it out to anyone…

Racheal:-I promise.So is that a yes Me:-absolutely….

Racheal:-thanks alot luv,**giving me a tight hug,everything was jzt touching my chest,tnk God am not wayward**

Racheal:-so have you ever kiss a girl in your life?
Me:-yes of course

Racheal:-who?**she asked with a coloured face**
Me:-my mum and…….**jesus,will i say sandra,God 4bid,think, think,think prest,say something,if i havent mention AND it would have been better**
Racheal:- and who?

Me:- my dad,let me just say my parents.
Racheal:-would you mind having one now?
Me:-ehrm,no thnks**scared**
Racheal:-are you scared?

Me:-absolutely not why should i?
Racheal:-well you dont have to be shy,they are all yours…

Me:- thnks

Racheal:- prest your words are not romantic they are just casual,cant you put little romance,when speaking to me?

Me:-romance like what?how?..

Racheal:-romance like; touch my chicks**touchin her face,look into my eyes,say some romantic word lyk i luv you e.t.c

Me:- okay ma,i will try**which kind wahala i put myself inside now,dis one na total trouble ooo**
Racheal:- you better.Have you ever had s.e.x with someone before?

Me:-no,and dont ask me anything again
Racheal:- are you sure?

Me:-yes,and why are you even asking?

Racheal:-just want to be sure we both are intact..
Me:- **interested in the new topic**you mean you are a virgin

Racheal:-yes of course,did you think am so cheap in town,infact you are the first boyfriend i will be having.


Racheal:-because i hate boys except you.Don’t know why am indebted to you,i mean i luv you from my spirit,am scared of losing you,thats why i proposed to you not that am that….

Me:-no you are not cheap and dont ever think like that** cutting her short**i salute your courage,i like your boldness,i luv everything about you**holding her face with my both hands**are u sure these lips are mine.

Racheal:-yes of course..

I drew are close,my lips touching hers,ooh fantastic,i luv it…..5 mins gone,stil kissing,every where was now hot,**this time around, curiosity has taken over me,dont know what am doing again and she too**..we begin to pull off our cloth little by little until it remain boxer on me and her own pinkish pant…15mins on kissing….suddenly we heard a knock on the door..we came back to our right senses put on our cloth and later went to open to the door,It was….

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