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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 11
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The next day,i arrived early to school,because of our competition lecture,when i got there,the lecture had already started,i sat on a seat near sandra,she gave me a #welcome# smile,which i returned,greet my h.c.t,which she replied back,also clara and wilson..Trying to locate where racheal is,when i saw her at one last edge….**chisos!! this girl must have really being preparing for this competition oooo,look at how her eyes have swollen,,ah!wait and also reddish,,,,no,no,no,she must have been crying,but for what?why is she crying,what happened?,well na she sabi**we finished our morning lecture,the assembly has already ended,so we joined them in the class,our english teacher entered and start teaching us phonetics,hours later the period ended,another teacher came in,later it was break!! i went to my h.c.t office for the proper explanation for maths,as soon as i got there,i sat on a chair opposite her,she stood up and come to sit beside me and start teaching me construction during that time,i was sure i wasnt concentrating because of one thing and that was her fresh lap that was half covered by her miniskirt**wait a second, i taught the minister for education said teacher shuldnt put on seducive dress to school,but this one is more than seducive,but for who now?**break over!!,i felt reluctant to stand up because i was a bit moved,(in spirit)in other not to get myself embarrased i stylishly walked out of her office,returned to my class,when i got to the class there was no teacher probably reading period which happened every friday ,and during this period a boy will need to pair with a girl,as soon as i entered the class they are already pairing themselves….*gosh i was confused**two girls are left unpaired clara and racheal,suddenly wilson comes in**thank God i whispered,atleast he will choose a girl out of the two,well any one he chose,am owk wit the one unpicked,preferably clara**,,unfortunately she picked clara cause he might have noticed racheal wont give him a nice time reading since she has been dull since morning,i was left with racheal i took a chair sat down beside her and brought out physics textbook and start reading,we we are supposed to read togeda,i stammered…and then what?she snapped! Sowi i said to her,facing my textbook and start working some exercise,can u explain how you get that to me,she said minutes later,no i cant i replied,why she asked,because am not ur physics teacher i replied back,you know we shuld be reading toge…..plz can you just shut up and let me concentrate on what am reading,i said cutting her short,me i was telling you to lets us read together you are shouting at me**fumble don begin**in short if not for that stupid…jzt leave me alone plz i said***i quickly control my temper,because i was about saying if not for that stupid wilson that chose clara what am i doin with b---h like you*** eehwo!her eyes don change the next thing na serious crying ehhh..plz (i moved close to her)wats all this for,stop crying now u are embarrazing us,,,thank God she wiped her tears as soon as possible,later apologizing for her actions and which i did to mine also…….minutes later;

Racheal:-are you coming tommorrow….
Me:- to where?
Racheal:- our house now
Me:-for what?
Racheal:- aiint we going to library togeda again?
Me:- oops forgoting,but i dont think i will be able to come..
Racheal:- why?
Me:- i will be very busy….
Racheal:- plz jzt come,plz,plz
Me:- ok i will try
Racheal:-thankz dear
**did i jzt hear her calling me dear..** jesus all this while clara was looking at us…eeh am in soup,what kind of soup self i havent say yea now!

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