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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 10
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After the lesson,she was about to go out,when she said prest!!,it seems you don’t understand this topic,meet me in my office for proper explanation…ok ma i said while she walked away**haba i should be the one to say i dont understand now.**………..not long that she walked out our principal came in…..we greeted him and he answered and said,those people he was about to call there name should stand up…wayne prest**ha!wetin i do**,radamel racheal,robin clara!,jame wilson…,after he finished calling our names he said we should follow him..when we gets to his office he said;

Principal:-did you all know why i called you here….
No sir we all replied ….you are going for an external competition and i want you to know the level at which you will be preparing….how many are you he asked…four sir we replied,someone should call me Angel sandra from ss3 cause u shuld be five in number…wilson quickly went to call her..minutes later she was already here with us,after the principal finish his so-called rubbish,he ask,if anybody is having a question ,i raised up my hand,and i said sir i don’t think i will be going,why he asked,i dont like anything competition and i don’t wish to go…i said…but in my list here,your name is number one,common young man be loyal to your school…dont worry he will that is his behaviour…my h.c.t answered from nowhere….so we have only one ss3 in our midst here so everyday you will come early to school and wait after school hour,for what sir,i asked..for preparation now he and my h.c.t chorused**wallahi dat’s y i hate competition stuff**he dismissed us and we went back to our class,after closing,we starts our so-called competition stuff,h.c.t was the one to take us first we start our lecture..sandra sat on racheal seat making racheal to look for other unoccupied seat**senior stuff**hours later we ended our training,everybody was set to go home ,sandra ask me to wait for her that’s she going to her aunty place,later we moved out of the school compound,walking hand -in-hand,gisting and joking,suddenly a car stopped in our front i guess it was the car that picked me up the other day,racheal dad’s car..we walked to where the car was we greeted the driver and told him we were going somewhere we lied,**sowi we don’t sandra did not me**the driver was still insisting when racheal shouted are u deaf they said they aiint going common let’s go,the driver was shocked starts the car engine and moved away…what happened sandra asked,nothing ooo i replied,something is fishy here,she said and meaty also i replied,we walked back home joking and gisting,on getting to our house i stopped when she noticed i stopped she asked what happened,this is my house i told her, you mean your dad is the literaturelist/jonarlist she asked..yeah i replied her…she gave me a tight hug and we waved to each other

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