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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 27
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Me:-how come you knew all this,all days and you didn’t tell me anything…

Lizzy:-i taught your mum,would have already told you all these,even before my arrival…

Me:-but wait,i wasnt told anything,maybe my mum was just joking when she said that.She didn’t know you people are going to take it serious…..

Lizzy:-no you are wrong,infact they even made an oath together just for us to marry in future…..
Me:-so what you are now saying is………?

Lizzy:-we are both meant to marry each other….or did you think my mum wasn’t in her senses when she brought me here,why cant she take me to one of her relatives or in-laws house,when she was going or do you think all of them are poor,infact the poor among them,we at least own a property worth of a million,but her bringing me to her friend’s house,don’t you think is somehow strange…..

Me:-**ha!!no wonder,when her mum was still here,she used to call me her husband and call my mum her in-law,my mum won’t do anything than to laugh or smile,so this is what they planned abi?**but you did you love me?
Lizzy**wink**yeah and you?

Me:-yeah but i already have a girlfwend(s)…..
Lizzy:-don’t worry,you just have to break the relationship and start a new one with me……

Me:-hmmn,i gotta sleep till tommorrow bye**honestly i didn’t know what to say than to go to bed and think about how my life is just going to be in future**

Lizzy:-you can sleep here with me
Me:-owk ooo,sleeping beside her..

She turned and kissed me;

Lizzy:-i can’t imagine another girl,tasting the lips of my husband to be..prest if i catch you kissing anyother girl again,you won’t like what i will do to you…

Me:-hmmn**sleeping already**
The next morning wqs great,i woke up early get prepared for school.on getting to school,nobody was at the gate,as soon as i got to my class,i met clara only in the class,i greeted her walked to my seat and dropped my bag,i was about going out to meet H.c.t when i heard clara saying;so you refused to answer my proposal and moved on to date sandra…

Me:-are you talking to me?
Clara:-yeah you,you are a disgraced to other boys in our class,a girl proposed to you in your class and you refused,went ahead to date your senior.

Me:-clara,why are saying all these rubbish,am not dating anybody,but did you still want me to say yes when you are now dating wilson…plz i have better things to do**walking out of the class**

Clara:-going to meet sandra right?

Me:-ha,clara am not dating her,what even made you people think am dating her?

Clara:-did you think we don’t know.Is it not because of her,you and wind fought the other day…

Me;-**people self dem sabi form rumours,just because i fought with wind in sandra presence now means am dating her**i can see you are totally out of your senses..**walking to h.c.t office**

As soon as i got to her office,knocked the door,she came to open it as soon as she saw me she ran forward and gave me a warm embraced and a light peck,that could make anything stand..

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