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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 25
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I opened the gate and she drove in;

Me:-welcome Mum
Mum:-How is your body?
Me:-fyn ma,.

Mum:-have you eaten anything?
Me:-yeah Mum
Lizzy:-Welcome mum
Mum:-how are you my daughter..?
Lizzy:-am fyn ma,
Mum:-what have you eaten?
Lizzy:-just cooking ma,

LIZZy:-indomie noodles
Mum:-you kids of nowadays,you like eating noodles too much.Well lets go in and find something better to eat……..


After eating our dinner,lizzy and i were in the sitting room playing Ludo game,i have already given her something not to forget in a hurry until we heard a knock on our door
Lizzy:-who’s that?
Unknown P:-its me

That voice sounds like that of our H.c.T,so i quickly stood up,and rushed to open the door……Surprisingly four humans are in front of me,unfornately they were my schoolmates and my class teacher;H.c.T,Racheal,Sandra,and wilson…..;

H.c.t:-Hi,is your Mum home?..

Me:-I,I…..i…i come in**just short of words**
Sandra:-**smiling** not even a greeting…

Me:-**you are crazy,are you not the only one who knew my house,why did you bring all those group of people here**erhn ehrn erhn MUm you have some visitors.Racheal was the last to come in,i was still holding the knob of the door when she quickly rushed to me and gave me a peck…
Mum came out of her room;
H.c.t & co:-Good evening ma,
Mum:-Yes,Good evening,how can i help you?
H.c.t:-we are from your son’s school ma,we were told he went back home after being molested by his senior so we are here to greet him and also render our sincere apology

Mum:-its nothing

All this while i was sitting beside lizzy on the couch,sandra was just looking at me with an askance look,who cares…

H.c.t:-prest,you know you shouldn’t do that,going back home won’t solve the problem,you can always report to your teachers you know..

Me:-sowi ma,
H.c.T:-no problem,the deed is done,but make sure you return to school as early as possible and come to my office directly ok!

H.c.t:-your son of course..

Mum:-no,that’s not possible,my son had just been registered back to his fmr school today…

Mum:-yeah,sorry but i don’t think that your school is a good one,its just that it has a well constructed building and a conducive environment nothing else… won’t believe it the first day my son arrived at that school,we used a week at the hospital due to how he was brutally flogged,and today i just prayed nothing happened to him tonight….he is very strong you know(opposite)

It was just like a magic,as soon as my mum said that words,all my mates including my h.c.t loss their voices,everywhere was silent for about 5minutes,racheal and sandra were looking at me as if they are just seeing me for the first time..
When my H.c.t found her voice back…;

H.c.t:-but ma,you paid for a session and we are not even yet in the middle of this term…

Mum:-its nothing,i prefer to lose my money,than me burying my only son with it….


Mum:-i have already made up my mind,if you don’t have better things to say i guess you take your leave,its getting late….

Suddenly,Racheal,sandra and H.c.t knelt down begging my mum to let me stay,telling her i was chosen to represent the school,telling her i owned the future of the school**i be merlin**….

Mum:-ok get up,i will consider it,but next time you messed up,you are not gonna have my son back…

H.c.t&co:-thank you ma,**standing up** as they were about sitting down sandra held her mouth as if she wants to vommit and ran outside…..(i guess she’s having malaria,or she ate a contacted food……anyway na she sabi)

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