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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 9
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“I don’t want to stress you, you looked tired and need to rest”I said. He stared at me for a while and moved closer”it’s ok let me, since we are a team and I don’t like how you’re lacking behind. We can’t lose the performance because of you, so you need to meet up with others”he said looking at me. I feel bad with his words, it’s true that am lacking behind and I need a good practice for that, maybe he can help me. Since he presented the dance moves. “Alright, thank you”I said looking at him. “Ok”he said and placed his phone on the desk.

He played the song and showed me the dance step by step. I followed as he danced. After showing me over and over again, he told me to do it on my own. I danced as he showed me but not that perfect as he does. He came closer and positioned me well for some parts I didn’t do well. After sometimes I did it on my own without him correcting me. “Wow finally in a thousand years”he said clapping his hands. I looked at him and smiled. “You really tried”he said clapping. “Let me practice one more time before we end it”I said smiling. “Ok let’s see that again”he said also smiling.

I played the music from the beginning and started dancing again. I did the dance moves without any mistake, Jason nodded his head in agreement as I moved my body from place to place. When I was about to finish the dance, my ankle sprained and I fell to the ground. “Ouch”I screamed holding my leg in pain. Jason quickly rushed to me and bent down beside me”you should be more careful of your steps”he said loosing my shoe lace. He removed my shoe and started massaging my ankle gently. I looked at him in surprise as he did that for me.”does in hurt a lot?”he asked still massaging it. My ankle doesn’t hurt anymore but my heart hurts. This is my first time feeling like this. My heart is racing seriously as he stroked my ankle gently. ‘Why is my heart racing? Maybe it’s because of the dance?’I thought to myself. “How is it now?”he asked me. “It… It’s ok”I said stammering. I stood up on my feet with my check burning like hell. “Are you sure it’s ok?”he asked again looking at me. “Yes thank you”I replied him. “But why are you sweating like this?”he asked me. I touched my forehead and looked at my hand to confirm it. “Oh it’s because of the practice, I think I practice too much, that’s why”I said fanning my body with my hand. “Ok let’s continue tomorrow”he said going for his phone. “Yes bye”i said rushing for my bag. I headed out of the practice room leaving him behind.

I went to change my dress and head back to the hostel. Why am I like that earlier? I thought to myself holding my chest to feel my heart beat again. My mum called and I picked it. “Hello mum”

“Hello my princess,how is camp? I have missed you so much”she said. “I miss you too mum” We talked on phone for long. She told me she’s very lonely and bored by her self. She said wants to move near my campus, so that we could stay together again. I was very happy with that, at least I will be able to see my mum everyday again. she hang up the phone after a long discussion with her. I felt so happy and relieved.
I went to school early not to be late to the music class. I entered the class and saw few students in the class. I sat in front seat by the third roll, I checked my wrist watch and it’s remaining 10 minute for the class. So I brought out my phone and plugged in my air peace listening to music. Someone came sitting beside me. I looked beside me and saw jason.”hy”I greeted him. “How is your leg?” He asked me looking down at it. I plugged out the air peace from my ear”Its fine,thanks to you”i said looking at him. the teacher came in and stood the in front of the class. Holding a book. We greeted her and she began the lesson. “Music is about feelings, you have to sing it with your heart, like you’re singing for someone out there. With that, you can get the feeling of the song. With your emotional feelings expressed while singing it”the teacher explained moving from end to end. I listened to the teacher and shook my head in agreement. After the lesson we did some practice and the music class ended. I stood up preparing to move out.
Jason’s POV
I looked at Quincy who is busy with her phone. I stood up to move out”see you later in practice”I said and left.

I moved out of the class and went outside the compound, I walked to the cafeteria to get some coffee before I will practice on my new music. but some fans girl came to me not three not five but like ten of them at once. I was very tired and I can’t stand the noise coming from them”jason please can I get your autograph, jason please can I have a picture with you, jason please we want your autograph”the were all screaming seriously. I hate this kind of situation, to be a celebrity is not an easy thing. They were all screaming holding me. I saw Quincy coming toward the cafeteria”please am sorry, am kind of busy right now”i said and quickly free my self from them.”Quincy!”I called rushing to her. They stopped screaming and looked at me as I went to her”let’s go”I said wrapping my arm around her shoulder. “What are you doing?”she asked clenching her teeth. “Please save me this once”I said in a whisper. She looked back at the girls and nodded her head in agreement. We walked far away from the girls. I was still wrapping my arm around her shoulder. I saw Helena in front of us looking at me unusual, and I can see jealousy in her eyes. Why is she giving me that look? Did she misunderstood us? What is she thinking right now?

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