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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 6
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He continue dusting my dress with his handkerchief. I raised up my head to see the expression on Noah and Helena’s face. They were both surprised”Hmm hmm”I cleared my throat to call his attention. Jason stopped for a while and quickly stood up looking at me with an unknown expression written on his face”Clean it yourself”he said and threw the handkerchief at me rudely. He walked on not looking back. I picked the handkerchief and looked at him as he left” who ask him to do this for me in the first place? Why is angry”I said holding the handkerchief. “See you guys later”Helena said going after Jason. Noah and I also left the place later after them.

Noah and I were walking down the premises.”I don’t know you guys are this close”noah said. “Oh not that really, I was also surprise by his act today”I said looking at noah. “Hmm jason can’t just do that for any girls”noah said looking at me. “Maybe he ate something bad today”i said smiling. We chatted for a while before the bell rang for practise.

Jason’s POV

I left them at the cafeteria. I don’t know why I did that for her. “Well it doesn’t mean anything, Its good to be nice to some girls at times. It’s ok”I said silently. I walking down the compound thinking about this and that. I heard some girls shouting behind me.”Jason jason please can we get your autograph?”they pleaded following me. I stopped and quickly changed my expression. I turned to them smiling”it’s ok”I said collecting their pen. I sign for them and quickly rushed to the class on hearing the bell. “We love you Jason”I heard them shouting as I rushed to the class.

I went straight to the changing room and stood at the entrance. I opened the door slowly, and peeped Inside. I looked round the guys changing room and found guys changing. I took a breath of relief”what was I thinking? Why will she come here again after I showed her the girls changing room already?”I said silently still popping my head in.”what are you doing?”jude asked moving his face close to mine facing me. “You scared me”I said moving back in shock. “What’s wrong with you?”Jude said looking at me. I entered the room and pushed Jude to the side”just get lost”I said moving to my locker. I saw noah changing at his locker and I quickly changed my clothes and went to him by his locker. I places one hand resting on on his locker and the second hand in my pocket. “Hey”I said looking at him as he locked his locker. He looked at me and smiled. I removed my hand from his locker and put it inside my pocket. “Do you just smiled”I said looking at him. “Why? Should I cry then?”he replied still smiling. “Why do you pretend you don’t know me back there”I asked him. “Is that why you ignored me?”he asked. I looked at him and smirked. “Anyway how do you know that psycho girl”I asked him. He looked at me badly “Don’t call my friend a psycho”he said. “Your friend? Unbelievable”I said looking at him in surprise. “Yes she’s my friend”he said nodding his head. “Let’s go to practice, before we get late”he said and moved ahead of me. I moved out after him.
When I got to the practise room, the first person my eyes caught was that girl. She wore a tight blue pant trouser and a lose tan top showing her flat tummy,matching with her dancing shoes. I stared at her for a while. And quickly moved to join the class . The teacher stood In front of the class holding a folded paper in her hand.

“Everyone should listen to me”she said looking round the room. The whole class was in silent”We are having a school performance next week”she said and the whole class screamed in excitement. “Silent!”she said clapping her hands. Everywhere was silent again. “I will group you guys in four. And you will have to practice together for the performance”she said, and unfolded the paper she was holding. “Sam, Clara, noah and Helena. Mathew, Alice, Phoebe, and peace. Joy, Justin, lina and ciara. And lastly Jude, Nana, Jason and Quincy”she called out the names and folded the paper back. “Now, each group should stick together”she said, and the students grouped as she has called their names. We came together in groups and she gave us a song to practice with. The song she chose for us was’shape of you’ by ed sheeran. I love the song and would like to practise a dance on it.

“You guys will practise on this song, and each group will be presenting different dance steps on this same song. We are looking forward to the best performance”she said smiling. She left after saying all this and the class ended without practicing anything. “Wow what a nice song”Jude said smiling. Our group concluded when to practice the dance and we all left the practice room.

Quincy POV

We left the practice room after discussing about the dance practice. I wish I was in the same group as noah. I don’t like the fact that I was in a group with jason. I thought to myself heading to the changing room.

I accidentally bumped into someone hitting my head on his hard chest. I looked up slowly to see the person. And I saw jason looking at me badly.

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