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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 5
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“What?”I said and quickly stood up. “That’s true how can I be your type of all pretty girls in school, but I wasn’t following you, I came to pick my guitar”I said and went to carry it where I placed it. I looked at him for a while, before I finally moved out. He stood there not saying anything but watched me as I rushed out.
“He’s so full of himself, you think you’re the most handsome guy on earth?huh”I murmured to myself walking out. “You’re also not my type”I said with pride. I quickly walked out of the school building, and head back to hostel. My phone was ringing and I picked the call. “Hello mum”
“How are you, my lovely daughter?”
“Am fine mum”
“Hope it’s not too hard on you over there?”she asked. “No mum, Noah is keeping my company”
“Yes, that guy that lived across the street then”I explained to her.
“Oh noah. He also attend your school”
“Yes mum”
We talked for minutes before she hang up. I went inside the hostel and find haelie and Clara on their beds. Clara was reading a novel while haelie slept off already. “You guys are here”I said dropping my guitar. “We just came in, haelie was so tired that she fell asleep too early”Clara said looking at haelie. “I can see that”I said and taking off my cloth. I went into the bathroom and took a warm shower before going to bed.
In music class…..

The music teacher stood in front and of the class explaining about music.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ahhh”
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ahh”we repeated after him. We did the voice training for five minutes. Then the teacher gave us a love song and asked,if anyone could come forward and sing with a real emotional feelings. Some students went out in front of the class to sing. I first hesitated because I know am not that good in that love aspect, but I later went out to try my best. We were five students in total. Me, Helena and three other girls. When Helena sang her voice was like an angel voice. The whole class clapped for her after she finished. Finally it’s my turn. I moved forward and started singing, I was still singing the second verse when our music teacher asked me to stop. “Your feeling has to show in the music, not just sing with your mouth. For example,think about your boyfriend or your first love. with that you can sing it with emotional feelings”the teacher said. I sighed and started all over again. This time too the same thing. When I finished singing the teacher asked me to go back to my seat. And then continue with the lesson. I looked back and saw Jason and noah sitting together,Jason gave me this look like won’t-you-face-your-front. I smiled at noah and concentrated on the lesson.

When the music class was over, students went out and I quickly went to Noah. “Hi”I said greeting him. He stood up and we both went out.”are you not hungry?”noah asked me. “Am hungry, let’s eat something before the next class. “Sure”he said and we left for the cafeteria. When we got there, we saw some students their eating. I saw Jason and Helena also eating on one of the tables, we bought our food and Helena asked us to come to their table, waving her hand at us. We joined them, placing our food on the table and sitting on the chair. I sat beside Jason while Noah sat beside Helena. “Hy”I said to Helena raising my hand. She smiled at me nodding her head in response.”you really sing great back in the class”noah said smiling. “Thanks”helena said smiling at noah. Jason was staring at noah all this while, and I can see the look in his face, like he’s not happy to see him. I cleared my throat and he looked at me and continue eating. “Jason this is noah, my friend”she said introducing them. Noah stretched his hand to shake him, but Jason ignored him looking away. I looked at Jason and rolled my eyes”this rude thing”i thought to myself giving him a dirty look. I raised up my cup to drink from it and the cold drink poured all over my dress.”oh my God”I said looking down at my cloth.

Noah stood up to clean it but Jason already brought out his handkerchief. “You should be more careful, you dummy”he said cleaning my dress with his handkerchief.

Noah and Helena looked at each other in surprise. I was also surprise to see the rude Jason cleaning my dress himself in present of everyone.

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