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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 4
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I quickly covered my chest with both hands”I mean look at yourself in the mirror”he said moving to me. He pushed me to the mirror to check out myself. I can see i wore the top wrongly. “are you gonna change that here again?”he asked looking at me. Feeling embarrassed, I quickly went out with my cloth and entered the girls changing room. I changed the top and went back to the practice room.
I got in and Jason followed after me. Everyone was paired in two, there was no one to pair with, so the teacher asked Jason and I to pair together. I looked at him and rolled my eyes.”why him of all people”I said under my breath. He looked at me like he also hate hate it.”Now hold your partner closely”the teacher said, and the whole students did as she said except Jason and I. We were both staring at each other”What are you doing? Won’t you Move closer”I said to him. He moved closer to me and stretched out his hand. I took it and we watched the choreographers in the front as they both moved their body. “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8″they counted with each step they take. They repeated the same thing like three times, before we were asked to do the same thing. Jason put his hand on my waist and we moved as the choreography did, but am not that fast. I stepped on his feet in every step we take. We continue this for a while and each time I step on him,he gives me this dirty look.

Soon the practice ended and I sat on the floor looking tired. Some students went outside, while some stayed behind resting. “You steps are so worst, you need to work on that. to meet up with others”Jason said looking at me. He walked out of the practice room putting both hands in his pocket. I was still sitting on the floor when Noah came to me. He stretched out his hand to me smiling, I took it and got up. “How was it?”Noah asked looking at me. “Am not that good as you guys, I think I need to practice hard”I said to him smiling. We left the room and went back to change.

Noah told me he has something urgent to attend to and he left early. I walked down the passage heading out. “Hey”I heard someone calling. I looked beside me and saw the girl from earlier. “we meet again”i said looking at her. She looked at me and moved closer.”am so sorry about earlier”she said. “It’s ok you don’t need to worry about that again, since you apologize, I have forgotten about it”I said smiling. “Thank you. Am Helena”she said smiling. “Am Quincy”I said. “What a lovely name”she said and we both laughed. We both left and went outside. “I guess you love singing, since I saw you with a guitar earlier”she said as we walked. “Yes I love singing, and you?”I Asked looking at her. She smiled folding her arms”I also love singing and I dance as well”she said looking at me. “I can see you’re a good dancer since you are so popular”I said. She smiled and we moved on. Her phone rang and she quickly took it from her purse.”excuse me please”she said picking the call. After receiving the call she came back to me.”I need to go for now, see you later”she said and headed towards her car. She drove out of the compound. I also moved to head back to the hostel. Then, realised I didn’t pick my guitar from the practice room, so I went back to get it. I reached the entrance and was about to enter the room. I heard sound coming from the practice room and walked slowly to check who is in there. I opened the door and popped my head inside, I saw Jason sitting in front of the piano singing. ?oh oh my baby oh my oh my
However far away I will always love you baby.
However long I stay, I will always love you.
Oh oh oh baby, you stole my heart away. Oh oh oh baby, you know I have a lot to say.
Oh oh my baby oh my
I looked at him as he sings, he has a lovely and sweet voice. I entered and sat on a chair behind him to listen to more of it.
Oh oh my baby, love me like…….

He stopped for a while not looking back. I guess he noticed my present. He turned back and looked at me. He stared away on seeing me”Were you following me again”he asked not looking at me. “What? Following you? You must be kidding me. Why will I follow you? I came to get my…..”I said stammering. He stood up from the piano sit and walked to where I was sitting. He moved closer to me bending his head down to my face. “You know what?”he asked looking at me. Our face are so close that it makes me hiccup. I hiccup as he stared into my eyes. He smiled at me and patted my shoulder playfully”you may not know this but you’re not my type ok”he said looking straight into my eyes. “What?”

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