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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 34
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Quincy’s POV

I was so angry when she involved my mum, that I don’t know when I raised up my hand and slapped her. She looked at me in surprise still holding her face. “I think my patience will stop here for both you and your mother”I said looking down at her. “Those maids won’t leave this house and I will make sure of that”I said and walked out on her.

Helena’s POV

I watched her as she went, with my head boiling in anger and evil thoughts towards her. I managed to stand up and headed to my room.

I called my mum on phone and told her about what quincy did to me, my mum was very angry and promised me to pay her back when she returns. I got some ice from the fridge and robbed it gently on my hot cheek.
“You’re making everything worse, for what you just did to me”I thought to myself angrily.

My mum came back from work in the evening and sent for quincy. She came downstairs and stood in front us. “Welcome ma”she greeted. “Keep that to yourself. How dare you lay your hand on my daughter? What right do you have to do that?”my mum asked her angrily. She looked at me and I smiled. “You may be living in this house with us, but I think you’re overstepping your boundary”my mum said looking at her. “Am sorry ma, but she started it”quincy said looking at me. “And so? If she do anything to you, just accept it because you came to meet her in her home, if this should repeat again, I will make sure to deal with you”my mum said to her. “Now get lost”

She left us and went to her room upstairs.
“Mum, do I have to continue living with that monster?”I asked my mum squeezing my face. “Don’t worry dear, her time will soon be over. I will make sure she leaves this house”my mum said smiling. “That’s why I love you mum”I said hugging her.

Quincy’s POV

We are on holiday, I woke up early in the morning and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take my bath. Jason and I are going on a date, so I prepared myself and went downstairs to take a quick breakfast. On getting downstairs, helena, her mum and dad were already at dinning”Quincy come over here, have been waiting for you”dad said smiling brightly. I moved slowly to dad’s side and sat down facing helena and her mother. The looks on their faces were not good at all. Dad gave me some food to eat and also fed me. That makes them even more jealous and angry, but I don’t care. I ate everything smiling happily. “Dad what of your princess”helena said looking at us. “You can help yourself or ask your mum to do that for you”he said looking at helena. Helena was so angry with this, that she left the dinning table and went to her room. Mrs David also followed leaving dad and I behind. “Dad why are you acting that way towards them?”I asked him. “What? Did I say something bad?”he asked looking at me. “I think you did”I said nodding my head. “Don’t worry about them, you’re my one and only hope and the heir to my company”he said smiling. “The heir?”I asked in surprise. “Yes, just because, I think you’re more responsible”he said. I checked the time and saw that am late,jason will be waiting outside.”dad, am going somewhere with a friend and i think am late”i said standing on my feet. “Oh sorry, you have to get going now”he said. “Bye dad”i said pecking his cheek. I got out and met his car in front of our gate, he stepped out immediately he saw me”Sorry am late”I said looking at him. “It’s OK, I just got here also”he said smiling. We got into the car and he drove of.
We arrived home late at night, he dropped me in front of our gate. His house is close to ours, after this building, their building follows. “Good night”he said looking at me. I pecked his check and waved at him. I pressed the button by the gate and the security man opened the gate. I waved at jason one more time, before closing the gate. I walked down the compound heading towards the building. I got inside and met helena in the living room. She stood up on her feet on seeing me, “now, you’re even coming home late”she said looking at me. I just ignored her, knowing she wants to cause another trouble. I walked towards my room and she stopped me again”can’t you hear me? Do you want me to report you to my mum?” She asked looking at me. I just ignored her again and went on. She dragged me back by holding my hand. I was so angry and frustrated”what the hell do you want from me? And if I came in late or early, how is that your f-----g business?”I barked at her angrily. “How dare you raise your voice? Have you forgotten what my mum said last night? I promise I will report you”she said sounding more annoying. “Do all the shits you want I don’t care anymore, but I will warn you and your mother to stay away from me or else”I stopped for a while looking at her. “Or else what?”I heard mrs David’s voice from behind. “Did you just say you’re warning me and my daughter?”she asked looking at me.
She came closer to me”did you just say that?”she asked again. “Yes I said it, you guys had pushed me to the wall, I think it’s time for me to turn back now. Don’t you think your daughter got the evil acts from you?”I asked fearlessly. “Hmm interesting”Mrs David said smiling at me. “Oh my, you’re so brave. I think your mum will be happy to see this right now but what can we do? She’s on life supporting machine and might probably end up dying”she said holding my shoulders. I cremoved her hands from my body angrily” what? You just want to push words out of my mouth. But I will save it for another time because I don’t want someone to faint here again”I said smiling at helena. “What nonsense do you have to spit out from that rotten mouth of yours?”helena asked looking at me. I smiled again nodding my head”what do you know? I just prayed the truth won’t land you in the hospital bed once again”I said laughing. “I think you’re really crazy right?. I will definitely drive you out with all the powers have got”Mrs David said angrily. “What will you do this time? Will you call for your mum assistance?”I asked smiling. She looked at me angrily. I then moved closer to her folding my arms together. “Don’t push me too hard, or else, I will reveal it to helena that you’re not her biological mother”I said whispering into her ear. “Is that clear or you want me to say that again?”I asked smiling. She looked at me in shock wondering how I knew that

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