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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 33
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Helena woke up later, and was taking to her room. I sat on the conch feeling sad and was not able to drink the coffee I was given. I think I have to leave this place because, I don’t want helena and her mother to feel uncomfortable. “Everything will be ok”Mr David said patting my shoulder gently. He looked at jason and went after helena and her mother. Jason sat gently beside me and held my hands.”it’s ok quincy, am happy your father it’s still alive. You might have a hard time living here with helena and her mother, but I promise to stay with you and protect you”jason said looking at me. I nodded my head and hugged him tight to hold back the tears in my eyes.
1 month later….

Everything has really changed for me.
Mr David took care of me and provide me with so many things. He promised to continue taking care of me to make up with times we were not together. Even though helena and her mother were so mean towards me. They hated me so much, that helena hurts me so many times without number but I let them slide and never reacted to it. I was popular in school for my modeling and the song I sang on stage with jason. The song was a big hit, and that makes me even more popular in town. Mr David assist me with everything, He makes sure am not lacking anything.
And I always visit my mum in the hospital from time to time. She was put in coma and was giving the best treatments, thanks to mr David. I hope she’ll wake up one day and see her beautiful daughter. I have to ask her what happened to her that day. I promise I won’t forgive the person that did that to her.


I prepared for school early, and quickly took my breakfast in my room. I headed downstairs towards the living room and saw helena coming up, I still stood by the staircase watching her as she came. She tried walking pass me but she missed a step and was about falling, I grabbed her hand to save her from falling, instead of her to thank me, she removed her hand from me forcefully”so you plan to hurt me now. How dare you stand in my way? Can’t you see am coming?”she asked angrily. “But I was not the one that caused it, I was only trying to help”I said with a calm voice. “You’re not helping me. Can’t you get it that I hate you? Your presence here is killing me. You’re nothing but a thief. You stole my place in school, you stole jason from me and now my dad.”she said looking straight into my eyes. “You know what? I just wish you sleep and never wake up again one day”she said looking at me in anger. She walked pass me heading upstairs. “Helena what can I do to please you? What can I do to make you accept me as a family”I asked turning to her. She stopped and turned back facing me. “What you can do? I want nothing more than for you to disappear and never show up again. With that, I will be happy and live my life as I please”she said looking at me. She left me and went upstairs. I went down and left the living room for school in a bad mood.

Helen’s POV

I left her and went to prepare for school. I just hate that girl for everything. If she hasn’t shown up, I will do the modeling. If she hasn’t shown up, jason will be mine and my dad will love only me. I won’t just let her be until I see the end of her. I thought to myself.
I got to school and went to music class. I saw her and jason discussing and laughing about something, I feel so Jealous and annoyed. I went to have my sit beside Hanna still looking at them.
The teacher came in soon and our lesson began.
During break, I left for the cafeteria to buy some snacks. I noticed some fan girl coming towards me. I waved my hand at them smiling as they came, but they walked pass me. I turned back to see who they were rushing to, to my surprise it was quincy. They all were happy to see her. She signed autographs for them smiling happily. I stared at her in anger. She looked at me and smiled. “Why is she smiling at me? Is she making Jess of me?”I thought to myself and left the place in anger.

At home….

I got home and overheard the maid gossiping about me”helena is just a spoilt brat unlike quincy. Ever since quincy got here, she never give us a hard time. She’s very polite and respectful. I just wish she’ll be the heir of mr David’s company. She’s so kind and beautiful”I heard them gossiping. I moved close to where them and they quickly jumped on their feet on seeing me. “Welcome ma”they said bowing to me. “What were you guys talking about? Were you gossiping about me?”I asked in anger. “No ma, we were just discussing”a maid said. “What right do you have to discuss when you’re hear to work? All of you are fire, I don’t want to see you here again”I said raising my voice at them. “Please forgive us. We won’t do that again”they begged me. “Can’t you hear me? Or you want me to have you locked up? I said get lost”I barked at them angrily. Quincy came in and rushed to the scene. “What happened? Helena why are you sending them away?”she asked looking at us. “Please help us beg her, we don’t want to lose our job”one of the maid said holding quincy. “Helena please forgive them. I don’t know what happened but am begging you to pardon them for today,they won’t do it again”quincy said looking at me and that makes me even more angry. “You just hold it there. Who are you to question me? You think because you have everything is that why you’re acting all cool and nice? You think you can control me also?”I said facing her. “You know what? I wish you end up like your mother and both of you can go to hell together”she came closer and gave me a hot slap that landed me on the floor. “How dare you say that? I can take all the insults you’ve been saying to me, but to my mum, I won’t stand it. I can’t stand to hear a nothing like you insult my mother. So get that into your rotten skull”quincy said in anger. I was so surprised to see her act this way, since she came into this house, she never did this to me before. Even though I abused and slapped her times without number, she never retaliated back to me. But this one she just did left me with a shock. I held my face still sitting on the floor in surprise.

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