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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 32
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I moved back then open the door as if I was just coming in. I went straight to where my mum was standing”good evening mum”I greeted her. And also greeted Mr David. He stared at me for a while not saying a word. “Welcome dear”my mum said. “Quincy, I now know why you were acting cold towards me, but I want you to know that I never abandoned your mum and I never abandoned you”he said looking at me. “It’s ok Mr David. My mum told me About everything, and from what she said, I think it’s not your fault sir. You don’t just have enough power to protect your love back then”I said looking at him. “Have you forgiven me?”he asked in a pitiful voice. “Yes I have forgiven you dad”i said even though that word dad seems so hard for me to pronounce out. He looked at me and was surprised to hear that from me. I looked at my mum and she smiled. Mr David hugged the both of us happily.
In class…
Jason and I sat beside each other on the chair. “I will be having the performance next week, So be ready to go on stage with me because you made a promised”jason said looking at me. “It’s ok, I will do that, since it’s a promise”I said smiling. “That’s my girl”jason said playfully raising his thumb up at me. I looked at him and smiled. “So, what will you be doing tomorrow, since we’ll not be coming to school”he asked. “Nothing, will just be home alone,since my mom will go for her work”i replied. “Then lets do something interesting together”he said sounding funny. “What? Something interesting? W….what are you talking about?”I said almost blushing. He smiled and moved closer to me. He then stroked my hair romantically “I mean let’s…………”he stopped for a while and smiled. “watch a movie together”he said and brought down his hand. I took a breath of relieve on hearing that. “What were you thinking about?”he asked laughing. I cleared my throat and faced him”w….wh..who told you I was thinking about something?”I asked stammering. “You’re so cute” he said smiling. “I need to get going now, school is over and we’re the only one here”I said standing up. “Let’s go together, I will drop you”he said holding my hand. I followed him and we both went out into his car. When we were both seated in the car, He looked at me for a while and moved closer to me. I was surprised looking at him as he got closer to me. He then pulled the seat belt from my side and put it on for me smiling. “You should remember to put that on”he said and sat properly on his seat. He started the engine and we left school. He dropped me off again and drove home. I stood by the gate looking at his car as he left and I smiled to myself. I entered the house and went straight to my room. “Mum!”I called from inside because, I think she should be home by now, But no respond. I went out of my room and went to check her in her room. I opened the door to find the greatest shock of my life”mum!”I called her with tears rolling down my cheek.

I found her in her own pool of blood. I quickly rushed to her side and shook her body roughly”mum wake up, what happened to you mum? Why are you like this?”I asked crying seriously. Then, I saw a knife full of blood beside her. She opened her eyes weakly, “mum what happened? How on earth does this happened to you?”I asked crying. “Ti….tin…..ti….”she tried to say something but she started coughing out blood. I quickly took my phone and called the ambulance. “Mum please hang on, you can’t leave me like this, you’re my only hope in this world, how do you expect me to leave without you?”I asked her trembling in fear. I cried out loud holding her in my arms. “Qui… Quincy”she called my name. “Yes mum, nothing will happen to you mum. Just hang on ok”I said with tears rolling down my cheek uncontrollably. She held my hand tight looking at me”you have to leave this place now. Quincy, leave me and run away as far as you can go”my mum said with tears dropping from her eyes. I shook my head in disagreement”no, I can’t leave you mum. Who did it? Just tell me the person mom”I asked in tears. “G….go quin….”she didn’t finish before closing her eyes. “Mum! Mum! Mummy please wake up”I cried out loud shaking her body roughly.

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