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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 31
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She didn’t bother to ask me who called. I dropped my phone and started the engine. I drove out of the school compound. I dropped her in front if their gate. she waved me goodbye and I also went home.
Quincy’s POV

I got to school early and walked towards the school building, then I saw Mr David by his car. I bowed my head a little and walked pass him. “Hey”he called. I looked back at him wondering why he called me. I went to him to hear what he has to say to me this time. “I need to talk to you”he said looking at me wieldy. “Ok sir”I said with respect. “I know you hate me, and I don’t know the reason you’re like that. But I have to confirm something with you”he said looking at me. I wonder what he was talking about. I looked at him, not able to say anything. I know I dislike him, but he’s my biological father. Even if what he did to my mum is very bad, it’s not his fault and I can’t deny the fact that he’s my father. I wish I had a father before I discovered about him, but now he’s here and I can’t do anything, I can’t even call him dad even I know that this man is my father. He looked at me and ran his hand through my hair. “What are you doing?”I asked looking at him. He looked at me and smiled”it’s nothing, your hair is messed up”he said looking at me. I use my hand to smoothen my hair. “What do you have to confirm?”I asked him. “I will tell you later”he said and went for his car. “That looks wield”I said looking at him as he moved his car out of the school compound. I went on heading to class”hey”I heard Noah’s voice from behind. I turned to him and he quickly walked up to me. “Miss super model”Noah said jokingly. I smiled and we both walked towards the class. “I guess you boyfriend is not here yet, so I can have the chance to hang around my friend”he said looking at me. I cleared my throat and faced front. “Seriously, quincy you’ve been hiding a lot from me these days, am I not your best friend anymore?”he said looking a me. I sighed not saying anything. I know that’s true, I don’t open up to Noah as before. I have kept my distance from him too much and that was because of jason. I don’t get to hang around Noah because I spent most of my time with jason. And I know he will feel bad about it. “It seems you like that guy(jason)”he said not looking at me. I looked at him and stared off. “Am aware of that, and I think I have to back off now”he said smiling. I looked at him not understanding what he meant by the word “back off”. “What do you mean by that?”I asked him curiously. “Its nothing, your boyfriend is here”he said looking at jason who’s coming towards us. He patted my shoulder playfully and left. “Hey”jason greeted on getting to me. I looked at Noah as he left. I can’t just understand why he’s saying weird words. He just said your boyfriend? I have never heard that from him before. “What are you looking at?”jason asked tracing my gaze. “It’s nothing, how was you night?”I asked him smiling. “It was lonely, because you were not there”he said. I smiled and we both left.

Helena’s POV

I la!d on the hospital bed watching TV. The doctor said I have to stay three more days for good recovery. I just hate it here, it’s boring and not fun at all. But am happy because jason promised to visit me today. As I was watching the TV, an advert came on TV, and I saw quincy and jason on TV, they used them for advertising the latest fashion of some cloths and shoes. On seeing Quincy on TV, I managed to rise up sitting on my bed in surprise. “So, you were finally used for the modeling? Just wait and let me get out of this prison called hospital. I will crushed you down to the bottom”I said angrily. I off the TV and took my phone. I went online and saw the picture of quincy again as the top searched on internet. I went through the comments and they were like….
“Wow, she’s a goddess”
“She’s too beautiful In those dresses, I wish I had a shape like hers”
“She looks cute with jason, I love them together”

“Wow, I will buy that fashion dress she’s putting on. Lolz”
“I wish I could meet her in person, am her number one fan”
I read all this with my head boiling in anger”you guys are blind, am more prettier than her, she stole my place as the model. she’s just a pauper”I said angrily and smashed my phone on the hard floor out of anger. “I won’t go easy on you quincy. I will destroy you once I get out of this place”I thought to myself panting heavily.

Quincy’s POV

I went out of the school building heading for home. I noticed people staring at me”what are you guys thinking this time?”I thought to myself looking at people around me. “Wow it’s the model queen”a high school student said to his friend. They all rushed to me and I was shocked to see this. “W…..what? Model queen. What are they talking about. I thought to my self looking at them. “She’s more pretty in person”a girl said looking at me. “Am your number one of your fans, can you sign an autograph for me?”the girl requested. “What autograph? What are they talking about? Did they mistook me for a celebrity?”I thought to myself still confused as they all rushed to me. A guy came and took my hand, dragging me along with him out and of those bunch of people. He was covering his face with fazecap and was also covering his head with big black Hoodie cardigan. I can’t see his face clearly. When we went far from the crowd he dropped my hand and turned to me. He removed his Hood and the faze cap. “Jason”I called his name. He smiled at me and smoothen his hair with his hand. “Miss popular”he said smiling. “What do you mean by that?”I asked him curiously. A bus drove pass us and he told me to look at the bus. I look at it and saw my picture on it. I was so surprised to see that. The modeling photos you took as gone viral and now you’re miss celebrity, queen of model I think that’s the title”he said smiling. “Let me take you home today”he said. He took my hand and we both went to my car.

When I got home, I opened the door and headed straight to the living room. “Why did you hide the fact that quincy is my biological daughter? If I had known then, I will never leave you and stay by your side but you didn’t tell me anything. How am I going to face her now?”I heard Mr David’s voice when I was about going in. “And If I had told you about it, what will change? Will you divorce Tina for me?”my mum asked him. “But I will be happy I have my own daughter and will take very good care of both of you. Don’t you trust me anymore? You know am not that heartless” He said. I stood by the door listening to all this. “I don’t want me and my daughter to surfer. I want a good life for her, I know how Tina and her mother will react over it, that was why I raised her myself”my mum said. “After you left, do you know how much I regretted getting married to Tina? Do you know the hardship I went through?”he said to my mum. “But Tina has your daughter, and I think that should make you happy” My mum said. “What? My daughter? Do you know the hardship she gave me? She’s not even worth my love. Do you think helena is my real daughter? Helena is not my blood and how do you think I will feel after knowing you had my biological daughter?”Mr David said aloud. I covered my mouth with both hand in surprise. “So Helena was an adopted child of Mr David? How funny”I thought to myself still standing by the door.

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