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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 27
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Jason’s POV

I checked on helena in the hospital and she’s yet to wake up. She went under surgery because her head was injured Badly and she wasted too much of blood. She’s breathing with oxygen and the doctor said, she’ll be alright soon. I got home and Mr David(Helen’s dad) called for me. I went to him wondering why he called for me. he asked me about the owner of the necklace I have the other day. I don’t know why he’s so much interested in the owner, but I told him it’s for quincy. He asked who quincy is, and I told him she’s my friend, and she’s the one back in the hospital. He was surprised and I can notice that In him. He said I can leave, and I left the house thinking all sorts of things. Why is Mr David interested in that necklace? Does he knows Quincy’s father or is he…. “no no no way” I thought to myself as I headed back home.
Quincy’s POV

I woke up early and prepare myself for school. I checked my mum’s room and she was still sleeping, because of the stress she went through yesterday she must be weak to go to work this morning. I thought to myself and closed the door. I went out of the house and took a taxi to school. When I got to school, I saw something that surprise me, I saw the man(Helena’s dad) waiting by his car, I wonder why he’s here, maybe he brought helena to school. I concluded and walked towards the school building. “Miss”he called walking to me. I stopped and looked at him”you mean me?”I asked pointing to myself. “Yes you, please can you spare me some minutes of your time?”he said looking at me. “sorry but Am late for class, I need to go now”I said and moved on. He stopped me by holding my hand. I don’t know why my body reacted that way towards him, I suddenly feel annoyed and mad. I jacked my hand from him looking angry”sir, leave me alone. I said I have a class. you can’t just touch strangers as u like”I said looking at him. He looked at me in surprise. I walked out on him and went straight to class. “Hey, hey” I heard Noah’s voice from behind. I turned to face him and he quickly walked up to me. We both left for class together”how is your health?”he asked. “Am fine, that’s why I came to school”I said smiling. “Wow that’s good”he said smiling.

After class, the Dean called for me, and asked about my health, I told him am all better now. He asked if I’ll be able to shoot the photos the next day because they need it urgently. I told him am ready to do that and am available at anytime. I left his office and head to the cafeteria to buy some snacks. On my way there, jason came to me and held my hand walking beside me. I looked round the school compound and cleared my throat”let go of my hand, people are watching”I said looking at him. He stopped and looked at me”why? Let them see and believe it that we’re really dating”he said smiling. He dropped my hand and I was relieved he understands what I mean, but he wrapped it around my shoulder. Oh my God. This stubborn guy won’t just listen to me. I thought to myself. When we got to the cafeteria, all eyes were on us, some students even took pictures of us. I feel so uncomfortable. He bought the coffee and handed a cup to me smiling. I received it and we both went out together. We walked side by side in the compound. “So, How is helena”I asked him. He looked at me and rolled his eyes”so you can still worry about her, after all what she did to you?”he asked looking at me. I smiled and took the cup to my mouth. “You’re just too kind hearted, I wish helena could change and have a pure heart as you”he said. “Is she alright?”I asked him again. “She’s still unconscious, but the doctor said she’ll be alright”he said. “What on earth did you guys did to each other that day?”jason asked looking curious. I told him about all what happened that day of the accident and he was so surprised to hear that. We left for class when the bell rang.
When we closed, I walked down The school compound, leaving for home. The man came to me again this time, he begged me seriously almost going on his kneel. I accept to talk with him only for 5minutes. “Am sorry for wasting your time”he apologized and I nodded my head in response. “Can I see the necklace with you please, jason said you owned it”he said looking at me. The man looked innocent and calm by looking at his face. “Why did you want to see it?”I asked pretending I didn’t know anything. “The first time I saw the necklace, it looks familiar to me and I want to confirm it to clear my curiosity”he said. I brought out the necklace and showed it to him”this is it”I said removing it. He looked at it with his mouth opened”why did you have this?”he asked looking at me. “It’s for my mum, she asked me to throw it away but I just like it because it’s pretty”I said looking at him. “Back in the hospital, you said Mary is your mother, did Mary really gave birth to you?”he asked. “Yes, she’s my mum”I replied. “But what of your father, where is he?”he asked looking impatient. “My father died long time ago, I don’t have a father”I said to him. He looked at me and his expression changed. “Oh so bad,sorry for that”he said looking at me. “How old are you?”he asked. I sighed and looked at him”sir, I can’t tell you that. So if you may excuse me”I said trying to leave. He stopped me begging me to do him a favour. I asked what it is and he asked were my mum and I live. I didn’t answer him I just walked out on him and took a taxi home.

I got home and entered the house. I went to my mum’s room but can’t find her there. I went back to the living room but she was not there”where could be?”I asked myself looking at my wrist watch. I can perceive some delicious meal. I sniffs my nose heading to the kitchen. I entered the kitchen and found my mum there. She was preparing some meals. I dropped my bag and went to join her. “Oh my princess is here”my mum said smiling. I was so much happy to see her smiled again. I quickly took the apron and put it on. I joined her in preparing the dishes. “Why can’t you wait for me to come back and prepare this?”I said smiling. “As if she can”my mum said teasing me. “Why mum? I can prepare it better”I said smiling. “The whole kitchen would be turned upside down, if you should prepare a meal yourself”she said smiling. We both laughed out loud.
After preparing the the meal, my mum and I has prepared to start eating then we heard a knock on the door. “Who could it be?”my mum asked looking at me. “I don’t know”I said looking at her. “Go and open it”my mum said. I stood up and walked to the door. The person knocked again and I opened the door gently, I was so surprised to see the person at the door. Why is he here? How does he know this place? I thought to myself looking at him.

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