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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 25
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Noah’s POV

Quincy’s mum asked me to give quincy her phone, she forgot it at home. I went to music class but I can’t find her there, I went to the practice room, and saw jason practicing on his song, when I entered, he stopped and picked his music note. I looked round the room, but I can’t see her.”why are you looking worried?”jason asked looking at me. “Have you seen quincy?”I asked. “Nope, am just arriving at school, I called her number but, no respond. I thought she was still busy at home”jason said. “So, you haven’t seen her in school?”I asked him. “I haven’t seen her and helena also”he said. I quickly went out of the room and he followed me”hey, is anything wrong with her?”jason asked, stopping me. I looked at him and shook my head”she left home for school, but we can’t find her here, where do you think she’ll be?”I asked jason feeling more impatient. “I just don’t know, let’s ask her friends”he said heading to the music class. We both went back to the music but she was nowhere to be found. Jason quickly went to some girls sitting in the music class”have you guys seen quincy today?”he asked them. “Yes, I saw her this morning but helena came and they both went out”a girl said.

Jason’s POV

The girl just said she went out with helena. “Did you know where they both went to?”I asked her but she said she has no idea. “thanks”I said and left the music class with Noah. “Did they just say she went out with helena?”Noah asked as we went on searching for them. “She wouldn’t have done something bad to quincy, would she?”Noah asked. “I pray she don’t”I said and we both searched the whole classes but we can’t find them.

I called helana’s number, it was ringing, but no respond. When we got close to the storage room, I can hear the sound of Helena’s ring tone. I got closer to it and it becomes louder. I quickly opened the door, and we both rushed in. To my greatest surprise, I saw helena and quincy lying on the floor in the storage room. Their dresses were full of blood. “What in the world happened here!”noah said looking at both of them. Noah and I quickly rushed to quincy. We looked at each other on getting to her. I quickly stared away not minding him. “Quincy wake up, what happened to you?”I said shaking her body. I quickly called the ambulance with my body trembling seriously. Noah went to helena and we both carried them out of the storage room.

The ambulance came and took the both of them. Noah and I followed them to the hospital. I quickly called Helena’s mum and told her about the accident and the hospital she was brought to. She shouted and cried on the phone.

When we got to the hospital they took both of them in stretcher and rushed them into the hospital. I can’t just imagine what happened between them. I don’t know what they did to each other but I know helena would be the one that caused it. I can’t just get myself together, I dont want anything to happen to quincy. Noah also called Quincy mum as they rushed them to the operation room.

Few hours later…

Quincy’s POV

I opened my eyes gently, and the first person I saw was my mum. I looked round the room and I can see am in the hospital room. I tried standing up, but my body was In pain and I can’t move my hand. I can feel pains In my head. “Can you see me quincy?”my mum said moving closer to me.”m…mum”I manage to call her. “Yes, it’s me”my mum said holding my hand. “What has she done to you this time? Why is my daughter like this?”she said crying. I hate seeing her cry, and I don’t want anything that will make her worry or cry because of me. I looked at her and tears dropped from my eyes. I don’t have the energy to talk or move my body. “She won’t get away with it this time, I promise you”my mum said sobbing. She hugged me and tears rolled down my eyes uncontrollably. Jason came in and quickly rushed to me. Mum released me and looked at jason. He didn’t even bother to greet my mum. He rushed to my side”quincy are you awake?”he asked holding my hand. “Thank you for waking up”he said holding my hand.

“Who are you”my mum asked him as he held my hand. He stood up and greeted my mum. “Am sorry for not doing this earlier. Am Quincy’s friend”he said to my mum. My my looked at me and I manage to nod my head to her. “Ok thank you for visiting”my mum said. She excused herself, saying she wants to use the bathroom. After she left, a man came in. Jason stood up and bowed his head a little. “Is this the other girl that was brought here with helena?”he asked jason. “Yes sir, she is”jason replied. “Miss, how is your health?”he asked looking at me. I looked at him and it seems have seen his face before, where have I seen this man? Is he Helena’s dad? I thought to myself looking at him. “Helena is still yet to wake up because her injuries were much, she will have to go under surgery”the man said to jason. “I just came to check on the other girl. I have no idea of what you guys did to each other, but you will explain that when you get better”he said looking at me. The man turned to move out but my mum came in. They were both looking surprised, they stood froze looking at each other. “Anna”the man called my mum’s name. “W…..wh..what are you doing here?”my mum asked stammering. I was surprise they knew each other, I la!d on the bed confused. A woman stormed in shouting”where is the girl? I want to see the girl who made my daughter like this”the woman shouted as she came in. “What are you guys doing here?”she asked looking at jason. “Is that the stupid girl that made helena like that?”she asked coming to me. She looks scary and angry, I was so scared as she came to me. Jason quickly stopped her by holding her hand but she pushed him away in anger. The man went to hold her and she stayed still for a while. She looked at my mum and was also surprised to see her”Tina”my mum called looking at her. I was confused as they looked at each other in surprise. Who are this people? How does my mum know them? And where have I seen the man before? I thought to myself looking at the scene.

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