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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 22
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She has no mercy at all. After accusing me of what I didn’t do, she told me to be her servant in additional. I wiped my tears and stood on my feet”if that’s what you want, I will do it and I will stay away from jason”I said looking at her. She smiled on hearing this. “What a good girl, your work starts now. I will be having a photo shoot at NELL entertainment they want me as their model this year also, and I want you to be my follower, I mean the person that will be running errands for me there. So prepare yourself early tomorrow”she said smiling. “I know am the most beautiful girl in this school, that was why they chose me off all ladies. I don’t just know what jason saw in you, to like someone as lowly as you”she said with pride. I just stood before her not able to say a word. It’s ok, it’s for only this semester, I can survive it. I thought to myself. She gave me her bag and told me to follow her. I followed her and Hanna like a dog. She collected my number and said she’ll call me anytime am needed.
I sat under a tree in the compound thinking about the whole drama happening to me. I haven’t find the necklace and now am Helena’s puppet. I sat there thinking about everything. Soon the bell rang for dance practice and I stood up to rush to class. I bumped into someone falling what he was holding in his hand”am very sorry”I said bowing to him. I quickly bent down and picked up the suitcase. I looked up at the person, he’s a bit older, he was wearing black suit and putting on a black punished shoe. He will be in his late 40s or more than that. He dressed really cool just like a business man. “Am very sorry sir”I said Bowing my head continuously. “It’s ok dear, no problem”he said in a calm tone. I handed the suitcase to him and tried to go on. But he stopped me”miss”he called and I turned back to him. “Do you attend this school?”he asked looking at me. “Yes sir” I responded wondering why he asked. “Wow amazing, am Mr Davis the C.E.O of NELL entertainment”he said introducing himself. He brought out his business card and hand it over to me. I took it wondering why he gave me that”sir why am I having this?”I asked him looking curious. “It’s ok miss, no problem about that, just have it in case of next time. I will see the Dean after my meeting. I have a lot to tell you but I have an urgent meeting to attend”he said. I looked so confused at all what he’s saying. I can’t just understand a bit of it. “Then, goodbye”he said with a little bow. I looked at the business card and put it in my pocket. I rushed for class not to be late.

Helena’s POV

The whole time we’re practicing, jason was staring at Quincy non-stop and that annoys me. What does he even see In her? I can’t just understand.

Immediately we finished he quickly went to her and I was watching them from where I am.”Quincy please we need to talk”he said. Quincy looked at him and looked at my direction”I don’t have anything to say to you”she said stammering. I smiled at her and shook my head in agreement. “I can’t just understand why you changed so much these days, why? Quincy this is unlike you”he said. “Please excuse me”she said and walked out. Jason went after her and I also went after them. They walked far from practice room, He held quincy hand and pulled her close to him”just tell me if anything is wrong, I know you’re not usually like this, please quincy tell me so I can understand”he said still holding her. “Am sorry jason, am so sorry I don’t have anything to say to you”she said crying. “Sorry for what? Tell me so I can understand”he said looking at her. All this act annoys me so much, it really hurt me to see jason care for another lady. I Have never seen this side of him before. Quincy is the first girl he’ll ever care for and the first girl that will ever call his attention so much. I feel so hurt looking at the acts. Quincy was weeping in his present making him care more about her. “Quincy, please tell me you said you love me, why can’t you even share your burdens with me?”he said still holding her. She didn’t say anything but sob. Jason pulled her closer and hugged her. I was totally angry with that. I picked my phone from my pocket and dialled her number. Her phone rings and jason released her. She picked my call and put it to her ear. “Hello get me iced coffee right now”I said looking at her from where I was standing”ok I will”she said in a low tone. “I have to go now”she said to jason and went outside. Jason messed his hair with his right hand looking at quincy as she left. He also was leaving and I quickly walked to him”hy jason”I greeted. “Hy”he responded not looking at me. I moved closer to him”have you heard, am the model of this year also”I said smiling. “I know”he said briefly not paying much attention to me. “Am happy you’ll also be the male model, I don’t like other guys shooting photo with me”I said again looking at him. He wasn’t saying anything to me. “Can I leave please, I have important things to attend to”he said and walked out on me. I was so annoyed by his act”so he mean am not important?”I asked myself looking bad.

I was walking back to class and overheard the Dean making call in his office.
“You mean you saw another person more beautiful for the photo shoot?”the Dean asked the caller.
“You want her as your model this year?”he asked again.

I stood there in confusion, what are they planning to do? Are they choosing another person over me? Is there even anyone more beautiful than I?
Who the hell is it!!!

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