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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Quincy’s POV

I woke up early and sat on my bed, I opened my drawer and brought out the picture”dad what should I do? I lost the ring. Am very sorry for being careless, I will make sure to find it at all cost”I said looking at the picture. I put it back In the drawer and went to the bathroom.

After some minutes, I was ready for school. I went to the living room and my mum as gone to work already, so I went out and closed the door. I put the key under the flower pot by the door and went out of the compound. I walked down the street and Waited for a taxi. Noah came on his motor bike not too long”get on and let’s go”he said handing a helmet to me. I took it and sat at the back. I wrapped my arms around his waist and he rode on.

When we got to school, I got down and gave him the helmet”you didn’t forget to take it off today”he said smiling. I smiled back at him. He also got down and we both went to class”if I may ask you, what happened to you yesterday?”he asked looking curious “Something happened yesterday between Helena and I”I replied. He asked what happened and I told him about everything Helena has been doing to me lately. He was so surprise because he can’t believe Helena can act that way. We went inside the school and went straight to class. A teacher came in and told me to follow her I stood up and obeyed. I wonder why I was called out among all the students. Teacher never called me out like this, what happened? I thought to myself. Noah looked at me and I told him I’ll be back. I followed her out and she took me to the Dean’s office. I never came here after the day I was admitted into this school. I wonder what I have to do here. I thought to myself looking around the office.

The teacher left after bowing to the Dean. I was so nervous thinking have done something wrong. “Hey are you Felix Quincy?”he asked me. “Yes sir, I am”I replied him quickly. He gave me a file, “have it”he said stretching it to me. I collected it and opened the file. I was surprise by what I saw in it,”sir what have I done?”I asked him. “You know what you did to Helena yesterday”he said looking at me. “You and your mum beat her up which is wrong and against the rule. Violence is not allowed here. Her father called me this morning complaining to me and because of you, we can’t lose an important student like Helena.

So you we have to expel you from school or her father will withdraw Helena from our school”he said looking at me. Tears rolled down my eyes as he was saying all this. “Sir please you can’t do this to me”I said crying. I knelt down before him begging for forgiveness on what I didn’t do. “Am not the one you should be begging, I also pitied you but I have no choice. Do you know how much her father contribute in school every month? We can’t lose an important person like Helena. And she’s Also out female top model. You just have to go. Or go and beg Helena for forgiveness, if she change her mind you can stay but if she says otherwise, you have to go”he said looking down at me.
I went out of the Dean’s office in tears. I just don’t know what to do, this is my dream and I can’t lose it this easily. My mum will feel very bad about this because she wants me to attend this school so badly. What should I do? Should I throw away my pride and beg Helena for forgiveness? I thought to myself weeping bitterly.

I went to the class to search for Helena but she was not there. Noah saw me and quickly rushed to me”Quincy why are you crying?”he asked looking at my face. I sobbed and looked round the crowded classroom”it’s nothing”I said to him. Jason stared at me from the back where he sat wondering what happened to me. “Please am sorry noah, we’ll talk later”I said and head out of the classroom.

I saw Helena and Hanna chatting and laughing on my way to the school compound, and I quickly went to her. She stopped talking and changed her expression on sighting me. “Please can I see you Helena?”I requested. “What can’t you say here? Talk and let me hear your last word before leaving”she said looking at me with bad eyes. I looked at Hanna and sighed. “Ok let me excuse you guys”Hanna said moving back. “Helena please forgive me, I can’t just leave the school like this, please am begging you don’t let them expel me”I said begging her in tears. “So, you wasted my precious time to talk s--t with me”she said angrily trying to walk out. I looked at her weeping seriously. I went on my kneels begging her for forgiveness”please helena, I promise to do anything for you, just let me stay please”I begged in tears. She looked down at me smiling”you said anything?”she asked looking at me. “Yes anything, I promise to it without complain”I said still crying. “Ok, then be my slave in school till we finish this semester”she said looking at me. I looked at her in shock for what she just said. “Or don’t you want that? Then you go out of this school now!”she said yelling at me. “I will, I will be your slave”i said crying. “And don’t go anywhere close to jason”she added smiling.

I shook my head in pity”I Quincy of all people been a slave to Helena, who can believe me doing this. I was blackmailed for offence I didn’t commit “I thought to myself weeping bitterly.

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