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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 20
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She looks so worried about something”why did you come back to school?”I asked her as we walked out of the compound. “Am looking for my necklace”she replied. “Necklace? How did you lost it?”I asked her but she was silent for a while before she reply me”It dropped from me, and I came back to search for it, but I can’t find it anywhere.”she said looking sad. “You can go ahead, I have to search for it very well”she said trying to go back. “You can’t, it’s dark already and students are leaving school, it’s late you have to go home now”I said to her as she turned to leave. She turned back to me and looked like someone who her life depends on the necklace. “Ok, describe it for me and I will buy the exact same one for you, you can just go back”I said. “That’s so special to me, I can’t just lost it like that. I don’t want another one because that was from my late father”she said almost crying. “Am sorry”I said apologizing to her. “I didn’t know it was from your late dad”I added looking at her in pity. “I want it back, I can’t lose that. My mum will feel sad about me losing it, because she warned me not to lost it”she said crying. She sat down on the floor weeping. I don’t know what to do About it, but I want to help. I bent beside her and took her up.”it’s ok, I will find it for you early tomorrow, I promise”I said to calm her. I brought out my handkerchief and wiped her tears. She look at me sobbing”am sorry for bothering you”she said. “It’s ok, let’s go”I said and gave her the handkerchief.

We both left and I took her in my car. When we got to their building she told me to stop there and she got down. “Thank you so much jason”she said and waved at me. I waved back and she went in. after seeing her closed the door, I also drove home.

Helena’s POV

I got home and saw dad and mom watching movie In the living room. I greeted them and pecked my dad on his check. “My princess is home”my dad said smiling. “How was the showcase?”my mum asked smiling. “Dont you trust your daughter? Our group came first”I said smiling. “Wow that’s very good of you. And what of jason?”my mum asked. I changed my expression on hearing his name”well, his group took second place”I said. “Wow I can’t believe jason took second place. First time, you won him in a show”my dad said looking surprise. “Jason has changed a lot just because of one wretched girl in my school”I said to them. “What? A girl?”my mum asked. “Yes believe me, jason like her and I don’t know why he’s getting himself involve with someone like her.”I said. “I think she’s a good girl for jason to like her,”my dad said smiling. “What? Good girl my foot, she’s a gold digger and I know she s£duced that innocent jason.”I said angrily. My dad looked at me and smiled. “And why did you hate her?”he asked looking at me. “I just hate her with no reason, she’s really annoying”I said. “Dad can you believe her mother slapped me today?”I said looking at my dad. My mum quickly jumped up on her feet on hearing this.”what? She slapped you?”my mum asked looking at my face. “What happened? Why did she slapped you?”my dad also asked. I know they won’t take that because they loved me and always support me in everything I say. And they can’t stand someone laying their hand on Their daughter.”Dad I didn’t do anything, her daughter slapped me just because I told her to stay away from jason, then I tried to defend myself by fighting back. But her mother came and slapped me”I said crying. “How on earth can she do that to my princess?”my mum said angrily. I cried even more telling them my face still hurt from the slap. “It’s ok darling, I promise they will pay for it”my dad said patting me. “Sorry dear, let me call our doctor, to come check you”my mum said picking her phone from the couch. “Its ok mum no need to call the doctor. I just want her out of my school because she’s giving me hard time in school.”i said still crying. “If that’s what you want, I will do that for you. She will leave tomorrow, don’t worry just leave the rest for daddy ok”my dad said and hugged me as I cried. I smiled to myself in satisfaction as he hugged me.
I went to my room feeling good and relaxed. “Good thing I don’t have to see her disgusting face anymore and she won’t be around jason anymore”I said feeling happy. I brought out the necklace I took from her when I pushed her to the ground, It was a ring pendant. I looked at it wondering who gave her the ring, “so she received the ring from jason”I concluded looking at it. “This have to be mine and not yours, jason should have given me the ring and not you”i said looking at the ring. “That means it came to the rightful owner”i said smiling to myself. I put it into my drawer and closed it.

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