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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 19
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“Your parents didn’t teach you manners at all. You don’t know how to talk to elders”her mom said angrily.

Quincy’s POV

My mum slapped her for what she said. “My dad will Sue you for hitting me, and I will make sure of that”she said and stormed off. I looked at my mum who’s very angry at what she said. “Mum it’s ok, let’s go”I said to my mum. “Is this what you go through in school? Did I send you here for them to pick on you?”my mum asked with pity in her voice. “It’s ok mum, she’s just too rude”I said holding her. We left the scene and my mum help me put plaster on the bruise. She left for home in a bad mood, after I told her I will come home when the showcase end. I want my mum to be happy for me today but, Helena ruin everything. She left home sadly for what Helena did to me.

I went back to the guys, they were all happy and celebrating but I just sat on a chair not in the mood to play or celebrate with them. Jason’s fans brought gifts for him and he was busy signing autographs for his fans. I looked at him from where I sat. And when he looks at my direction, I will quickly stare away.
After everything was over, we all prepare to go home when it getting late already. I changed my cloth and went out to take taxi home because I don’t want my mum to be worried. I got outside and met Noah”hey Quincy”he greeted on sighting me. I nodded my head in response. He moved closer to me”Quincy I can tell from your expression that, something is wrong”he said looking at me. “Please Noah, I want to be alone”I said in a weak voice. He stared at me for a while and nodded his head in agreement”alright see you later”he said and I left. I stopped a taxi and went home. When I got inside our gate, I noticed something strange. I touched my neck and can’t find the necklace again. I checked well and put down my bag. I searched inside my bag for it but I can’t find it there. What should I do? My mum can’t find out I lost it. I can’t lost that”I thought to myself panicking. I got up and checked the time, it’s 8:10 already, And it’s dark. “I have to find it”I said and rushed out back to school. Some students were still hanging around the school compound while some are going home already. I saw nana and jude coming towards me”hey you left early,why”jude Asked. “And I think she’s not in a good mood today”nana added looking at me. “Am sorry guys, see you in school on Monday”i said and left them. I went straight to the scene where Helena and I fought. I switch on the touch of my phone because, the place was dark. I searched everywhere for it but can’t find it. I heard foot steps behind me and I quickly went to hide behind the wall to see who’s coming. But I can’t hear it any more so I peeped moving slowly to the edge of the wall.

Jason’s POV

I forgot my song note at the record room this morning while practicing, so I went back to the record room to pick the book, I took it and was heading out, I walked Down the passage and saw reflection of light at a corner, so I moved towards it and walked slowly. Suddenly, the light went off and I wonder what it was. Because, the place was silent. “Was that a ghost?”I thought to myself looking around the place. I moved slowly towards it and I saw the reflection at a corner. I move to the edge of the wall peeping slowly. The person appeared before me suddenly, and we both screamed in fear. she continue screaming and fainted out of shock. I also fell back to the ground. I moved closer to her and see it’s Quincy. I shook her body lightly to wake her up”Quincy stand up”I called her name but she did not move. I moved closer and moved my face close to her to check if she’s still breathing, she opened her eyes slowly and our eyes met she screamed and fainted again. “Oh my God, why is she so shocked?”I said messing my hair with my hands. I took her hand and rubbed them lightly. I like how am seeing her so close to me, She is so pretty. I thought to myself looking at her. “Quincy you have to wake up, it’s getting late”I said looking at her. She opened her eyes and looked at me. She tried fainting again”not again Quincy”I shouted on her and she opened her eyes wide. She quickly got up on seeing me. “W. .why are you… H.ere?”she asked stammering. I looked at her and smiled. “Why are you smiling?”she asked again. “Because you’re so cute”I replied her. “It’s late already let’s go”I said and took her hand. She looked at me and removed her hand from Mine.”can’t I hold your hand as a friend?”I asked looking at her. She looked at me and faced down. I took her hand and we both went out

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