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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 18
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I kept the picture inside my drawer and closed it. I stood up from my bed to change into my night wear. I looked through my window and looked straight to The window in front. The curtain was covered well this time but the reflections of the light is showing all what’s going on in the room. I can see him moving in his room from end to end. I wonder what he is doing walking around in the room. He later sat on his bed and took up his guitar. He played it and I can hear the sound from that distant, but not that loud. I stood by the window feeling the sound of the guitar. I closed my eyes nodding my head to the sound. The sound stopped suddenly and I wonder why it stopped. I opened my eyes and found him staring at me from his window. I was surprised to see him there. I quickly waved my hand at him. He waved back at me saying something I can’t hear. I wonder what he was saying, he waved at me again and close the curtain. Soon the light went off In his room and I also went to bed.

D-day of the showcase……

Jason and jude dressed In white shirt and white trouser, and a black shoe. While nana and I wore a white flayed gown with black boots. Noah’s group wore black from head to toe like a grim reaper.

Noah’s group were the first to go on stage. They showed their dance, and the moves were so good and ok. “Wow they really danced well, especially Helena and Noah, I love their moves”nana said looking at them. “Do you think we can win?”nana asked facing jason. “It’s ok we can’t lose hope, let’s try our very best”jason replied.

Soon they finished the dance and we were called up on stage. I feel so nervous seeing all the crowd. I looked down at the crowd searching for my mum, I saw her waving her hand at me in the front. I smiled and feel happy to see her. Then, we were asked to start. They played the music and we showed them what we’ve got.
When we finished and the rest showed their performance and the winner was announced.
I was so happy we came second while Noah’s group took the first place. But jason was not happy with the result.

Jason’s POV

I don’t like the fact that we came second,the rest were happy but I was not. I excused myself to use the toilet. I went to the male toilet and met Noah urinating. I went to his side and urinate. “Your performance was good”i said complementing him. “This is my first time winning you on stage”he said smiling. I smiled and nodded my head in agreement.”see you later in school”he said and left. I walked back to met others and saw helena coming, she stopped in my front smiling. “I love your performance”she said smiling. I know that’s not where she’s going. I nodded my head to her in response. “Why are you not saying anything? Anyway my dad is discharged from hospital today”she said smiling. “That’s good”I said briefly but I was relieved inside that he was discharged at last. She looked at me wieldy”is that how you should react?”she said looking at me. “Ooh seriously, am very happy he was discharged. That’s a good news”I said smiling. She was also happy with what I said.”Satisfied”I said not smiling this time. I tried to walk away but she held my hand”jason why are you acting cold towards me?”she asked holding my hand. I looked at her not saying anything. “You’ve changed a lot jason. Was it because of that gold digger?”she asked referring to quincy. “Why do you call her that? What does she has to do with me changing? Helena please stop making things hard for me”I said looking at her. “Jason please you have to wake up, she’s nothing but a wrench”she said sounding annoying. “And what are you? Don’t go around calling people bad names, and do you know what? You’re the worst”I said and forced my hand from her. I left her there and went to others.

Helena POV

You’re right am worst, but you made me this way and I can still do more unless you leave that wrench. I thought to myself watching him as he left. Then I looked my right and saw Quincy looking at me. She came to me and stood before me”it’s right am not rich as you and I don’t wear designer cloths or have an expensive car like you do. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have my pride. You go around boasting about your wealth but all what you have, do you work for them.”she asked and I was very angry with what she said. “You can’t just look down on others because you’re rich. And when we first met why do you pretend to be nice and hide this ugly side of you?”she said and my anger became uncontrollable. “What? What do you know? How dare you judge me like that”I said angrily. “You’re wealthy but why acting like a beggar?”she asked again sounding more annoying. I raised up my hand and slapped her. “Will you shut that stupid mouth of yours?”I said angrily. She held her face looking at me. “I won’t take this anymore”she said glaring at me seriously. She grabbed my hair and I also did the same to her. We started fighting each other”let me go”I said holding her hair. I pushed her to the ground and she scratched her hand on the floor. Her palm was bleeding and I smiled in satisfaction. A woman came running to us”what do you think you’re doing?”the woman said and helped Quincy up. “Mum it’s ok”she said looking at the woman. “What do you mean it’s ok when you’re bleeding?”the woman asked looking at her hand. Did she just called the woman her mum?. I laughed out loud. “What? So this is your mum? I almost mistaken her for a beggar back there”I said looking at the woman. She slapped my face so hard that I staggered back to the wall. “I can see you have no manners”she said looking at me angrily”Do you just lay that dirty hand on me?”I asked looking at her. She stared back at me like someone that is ready to give more of it, if I should say anything bad again.
I held my face looking at both of them.

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