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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 17
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I stood up on seeing him. He brought out his handkerchief and tried to wipe my tears but I moved my face from him”I don’t know what the problem is but you shouldn’t cry anywhere”he said. He took my hand and placed the handkerchief on it. He went on leaving me there. I cried even more when he left and wiped my tears with the handkerchief. “I think this is useful”i said looking at the soaked handkerchief. It really smells good just like him and looks expensive. I went back to the practice room and kept the handkerchief in my bag. “Oh quincy what happened to your face?”nana asked looking at me. “It’s nothing, something got into my eyes”i said putting on a fake smile.
When practice ended we all prepared to go home. I took my bag and walked out of the practice room feeling sad. I got outside the school compound and thought Noah would have gone home already since it’s Almost 7pm so, I waited for a taxi. A red sport car stopped beside me and wind down the glass,I bent my head a little to see the person”get in and let me drop you”jason said looking at me. “Don’t worry, I will take a taxi”I said to him and straighten my back. He got out of his car and came to me”I just want to help you, so get In it’s getting dark” he said looking at me. “Hey”I heard Noah’s voice behind me. I quickly turned to him”I thought you left”I said smiling. “No, practice was just late”he said. Jason looked at both of us and faced me”your friend is here, so see you tomorrow”he said. “Hy dude” he said to noah and they both shook hands. He went into his car and drove off.

“Do you guys know each other?”i asked him. “Yes, I know him. When I first came here jason and I were enemy because, we compete with music and dance all the time. But later, we became friends through this music. And we see ourselves as friends and not rivals”he said smiling. “Wow that’s so touchy”I said placing my hand on my chest. We both laughed and he went for his power bike.

We left for home early and says our goodbye in front of our gate. I got inside and went to my mum’s room but she slept off Already. I covered her body well with the blanket and saw her holding something, I took it gently from her not to wake her up, And saw a picture of a man. The man was still so young and handsome. I saw the ring he was wearing and it was similar to the one I have with me. I brought out the necklace and compare the ring to the one in the picture, The looked similar a lot. “Could it be this guy”I said in a whisper not to wake my mum. She moved her hand and turned to the other side. I quickly hide it behind me thinking she wants to wake. I went to my room with the picture and sat on my bed. I looked at the picture again wondering how he dies. “How does my father die? I need to know how he end up dying before I was born”I thought to myself looking at the picture.

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