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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 14
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“Why are you late?”nana asked her. “Sorry something urgent came up”she said smiling. I guess it’s something good because she’s smiling brightly. We started the practice and am surprised by her performance, she did everything so perfectly without us having to start again. We practiced everything from the beginning and we ended the practice there. “Wow, am really impressed by your performance” jude said raising his thumb up to her. She smiled nodding her head. “Now we’re good to go for the showcase”nana said happily. We stayed longer while nana and Quincy were gisting and laughing. I guess Quincy is in a very good mood today. But what is she happy about? I just don’t get it. I stared at her the whole time Admiringly, she looks pretty when she smiles. She’s also very pretty and has a natural beauty even without makeup or fashion dresses like Helena, she looks the best. when our eyes met, I quickly stared away. When it’s 7:10 we all prepare to go home, Jude and nana went home as usual. I also wants to leave but I waited so that I can get to apologise properly to her about last night. She stood up and picked her bag to move out”erm… Quincy”I called her name. She didn’t look at me but pretend as if she didn’t hear me. She went on heading towards the door and I quickly went to her, blocking the exit”please excuse me”she said looking up at me. Am a bit taller than her, she’s of average height and has a normal weight.”am so sorry Quincy, please forgive me”I said pleading to her. I don’t like how she’s acting towards me. She wasn’t throwing any fit or mad at me and that makes my heart more heavier. I want her to act as she always did, even if she slapped me,I deserved it. but she was quite not saying a word, She was just looking at me. “Quincy please am so sorry please, I think I overstepped the line”I said pleading to her. She sighed and tried to move out I held her hand back, but she forced it from me and turned to face me”what are you sorry about? The kiss? About the news or about what helena did to me? I can’t just understand you a bit. What do you take me for? Am I that simple to you?”she said angrily. Tears has gathered in her eyes as she talk. I feel so sorry and hurt to see her cry. “I think my heart must be stupid to fall for someone like you. I tried really hard not to fall for you, but what can I do about this stupid heart of mine that keeps beating hard for you?. I promise to forget about you totally after this showcase, and let us not bump into each other again in future”she said with tears rolling down her cheek. My heart feels so hurt to hear those words from her. I don’t know how to explain it but I also feel the same way. I don’t know what to say again to calm her, She turned to leave me but I pulled her back and kissed her. She struggle to pull herself from me but I held her tight, She hit me with her hand to free her self from me, but I won’t let her go instead I kissed her more. After the kiss she can do all what she want with me, she can slap or curse me but I won’t regret kissing her this time. She surrendered herself to me and stayed calm as I kissed her. Then I stopped and moved my lips from her slowly,i held her shoulders with my hands looking straight into her eyes”Quincy am very sorry for everything. I don’t know you have this kind of feelings for me. To be sincere, I also feel the same way about you. I fell for you even though we’re always quarrelling and fighting each day, I can’t just understand my heart, please am sorry Quincy”I said to her. She looked at me not saying a word. She sobbed and hugged me tight. “Am sorry for being mad at you”she said sobbing. I took her hand and looked straight into her eyes”I love you Quincy but I was afraid to say this because it might sound crazy to you”I said looking at her. I wiped the tears on her face gently with my thumb finger. I moved my face closer to her slowly, I gave her enough space to reject it if she likes. But she didn’t move an inch.

I kissed her slowly and she kissed me back placing her hand on my waist. I moved her closer to me kissing her more deeper pushing in my tongue. I can feel her tongue under mine, she wrapped her hand around my waist and the kissing becomes more deeper. She stopped trying to withdraw but I was not ready to let her go, so I kept it on And we continue. After a long kiss and deep kiss, I stopped and we moved our lips from each other feeling satisfied.

Quincy’s POV

After a long and passionate kiss we stopped and he hugged me. I feel so relieved and calm”I can’t believe this is real, jason of all people confessed his love to me and kissed me. The person I always find arrogant and annoying, I can’t just believe what’s happening, It’s like a dream to me. He released me from the hug and looked straight into my eyes. “Quincy Will you date me?”he asked looking at me
Of course I will be happy to do that, but what of his fans? Jason is the main focus of most girls in campus. To think of me, ordinary Quincy dating someone like him, it will be a hard thing for me to handle but what should I do?

Should I date him and be the target of some mean girls in school. Or should I reject him and take the pain with me forever?

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