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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 11
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I thought to myself looking at Helena as she went. I moved on to the practice room and saw nobody there so, I decided to practice before they arrive. I don’t have to change my outfit I think the one am wearing is better for it. I didn’t play the song, but just practiced it off head. I did the moves over and over again without any mistake. I think am now good to go with others, I don’t have any problem with it anymore. I did it for the last time, after finishing, I heard clapping of hands from behind. “Wow you’re really good”jude said. I saw him in the mirror and turned to him smiling. “Thanks”I said taking the bottle water beside me. Nana also came in”hy guys”she greeted dropping her bag. “Where’s jason?”jude asked looking at me. “I don’t know you guys are that close”nana said smiling at me. “What? Did you also see the news?”I asked her. “Yes of course, that’s the trending news in camp right now, even a dog has heard about it”nana replied. I looked at her feeling unease”that’s not true, it was a misunderstanding”I said trying to defend myself. “Believe me….”

“It’s true”jason cuts in, coming inside the practice room. He came beside me and wrapped his hand around my shoulder. I was speechless and surprised by jason’s act. My heart started racing again as he stood close to me. “Why are you hiding the truth?”he said looking at me. “The news about us is true, is there any problem with that?”he asked looking at nana. “You see, you don’t need to hid it”nana said smiling. I felt so uncomfortable with this, why is jason acting this way, when he knows the news were not real? I thought to myself. Jude was looking at us as if we are shooting a movie. With his mouth flung open like a broken door. “What? You must be kidding me. Unbelievable”he said looking at jason. Nana hit his head with her hand”then you have to believe it, fool”she said looking at jude. He touched his head looking at nana as if he will eat her raw.

He moved closer to her bending his head down”can you hit me again please?”he requested bending his head for her. She pushed him away hissing. “Ok let’s start practice now”jason said releasing me. I feel so calm after he did that. He moved forward and place his phone on the desk. “Let’s all do it together now”he said. We all moved forward, jason and I in the front while nana and jude at the back. He played the song and we started moving together. I feel so good with the moves and I didn’t miss any step of it, I moved along with song. after a while we finished with it.
“Good one”nana said clapping. “Now let’s practice the remaining half of it”jason said looking at us. He moved forward standing in front of us. “Come forward”he said to nana. She went to join him in the front. “This part is for two people, I mean a male and a female so watch closely”he said. He played from where we stopped, And hold nana’s hand they both nodded in agreement and started the dance. The moves where good and interesting but they were too close in every moves. They made mistakes and start over and over again,after they did it over for like some minutes, they got the moves and did it perfectly without mistakes. They both moved together in unison and when they were about to finished, jason held her waist and she wrapped her right leg around his stretching her hand forward wrapping her second hand around his shoulder to support herself,jason turned round with her and he knelt on the floor with there body closed to each other, nana stretched the second leg backward resting it flat on the ground, wrapping one arm around his shoulder and the second stretched out to the side. they finalized the dance like that. “Wow”jude screamed clapping his hands. I also joined him in clapping looking at them. They both separated smiling at their performance. Oh my God how am going to practice this? I thought to myself. This one is ever more harder and tricky than the one we practiced before.

He asked jude and I to do the same. But how am I gonna do this? It’s too tricky and hard to practice. Jude went forward dragging me along. Jason and nana did it again before we also start our own. At first I was going along with it but when it reaches some stages it fails and we started over again. We did this like 10x because of me. And finally I got the moves when we’ve being doing it over like an hour. I wrapped my arm around his shoulder stretching my right leg backward with the second one wrapped around his. I stretched out my arm and we finalized it. They both claps there hands for us. We separated and went to join them. “Let the four of us do it together now”jason said moving to play the song. Jude and I stood beside each other at the back while jason and nana were in the front. He played the song again and we began dancing but this time I made a mistake. Which made them stopped and redo it again. My mind was not in the practise anymore and I don’t know the reason I was like that. We started again and I was moving along at first but later failed it again. They stopped again because of me”will you focus and stop dragging us back?”jason yelled at me looking frustrated. “Am sorry”I apologized to them and we started over again. This time I focused on it and did it perfectly to the end. We finished and I checked the time it’s almost 7pm. “Let’s stop here today, we will practice from the beginning to the end tomorrow”jason said picking up his phone from the desk.”alright bye”nana said picking up her bag. Jude and nana left the practise room together, Leaving us behind. Jason slipped his phone into his pocket and headed towards the door to move out. I picked up my bag and followed him. “Wait”I said going after him. He stopped and turned to me. I walked up to him at the door”what you said earlier to nana about us, I don’t get it. Why did you have to lie about it?”I asked looking up at him. He smiled and moved closer me leaving a little space between us”don’t you like it? I mean should we make it real then? He asked looking at me. My heart was beating fast again like it’s going to burst open. I can’t give him any reply, I just stood in front of him looking helpless. He looked out the window and looked back at me”not saying anything means yes,seriously I don’t know you’re this calm Quincy”he said smiling. Is he teasing me? Why is this stupid heart of mine beating fast? I thought to myself looking at him. Am not thinking straight anymore.”what do you mean?,I can’t……”he shut my mouth with a kiss. I opened my eyes wide in shock. Should I kiss him back? Should I pushed him away? Should I slap him for it. Many thoughts ran through my head. But this is my first kiss what should I do?

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