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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 10
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I quickly removed my hand from Quincy’s shoulder and brought it down. “Hey”Quincy greeted Helena. But she gave her a fake
smile and walked away. She didn’t even utter a word. I know she misunderstood us,with the look on her face. Am aware that Helena has feelings for me since high school,but I only sees her as a younger sister,she tried all her possible best for me to love her back but it was one sided love. I tried not to hurt her feelings and keep the friendship between us. I feel so bad to see her act that way. “Thank you for saving me”I said to Quincy. “Oh that’s ok”she replied smiling. “See you later”I said and left her.
Quincy’s POV

I went to the cafeteria and bought coffee, I went to sit on one of the seats. I touched my shoulder softly thinking about how Jason held me back there,when he did that my heart beat increases, beating faster. I just don’t get this feelings anymore am I falling for jason? No that’s not possible. Capital letter impossible. I thought to my self holding the cup of coffee in my hand.”Quin”Noah called sitting in front of me. He placed his cup on the table facing me.”hy Noah”I greeted and took the cup to my mouth.”How was the practice yesterday?”he asked me. “It was good thanks to jason,he helped me with it after the main practice”I said smiling. “You mean Jason helped you voluntarily?”he asked looking surprised. “Yes, you’re also surprise”I said taking the cup to my mouth. “So how was yours”I asked him. “It was good, I hope we win”Noah said smiling. “Everyone wants to win but it based on your performance. We also hope we win, but who knows who will win?nobody”I said to Noah. “That’s true”he said nodding his head.

After some minutes we left the cafeteria and went outside.

Noah and I were walking down the school compound talking about this and that. Then I noticed something unusual, people were staring at us gossiping to each other. “What are they staring at? Is something on my face?”I turned to Noah and asked him. “I think you’re the one they’re staring at”Noah said looking at me. “But why….”I didn’t finish before someone cuts in”are you not Jason’s girlfriend?”a girl asked me. I looked at her in surprise and laughed a little”what? Jason girl… Friend”I said looking at her. She brought out her phone and showed me a picture of Where jason wrapper his arm around my shoulder back at the cafeteria because of some crazy fan girls. I took the phone from her and looked closely something was written on the picture.
“Finally our jason had a girlfriend after so many rejections to girls, we still love you jason we wish you happiness. This was written on it with some sad and crying emoji. “How Is this true? Who did this? Who posted this on social media? I asked myself in thought looking confused. Noah was looking at me confused also, of course he also needs explanation for that. This is a big misund beautiful love song)

“Am sorry there’s a misun……”
“It’s ok no need to explain but i envy you. Just take care of my jason ok”the girl said and left.

I looked at Noah’s face which had unknown expression on it. “I think there’s a misunderstanding”I said to defend myself. “It’s ok let’s go”noah said. And We left the scene.

Jason’s POV

I was in the music class practicing on my new song when a message came in. I dropped the book I was holding on the table and brought out my phone. I opened the message and saw the picture of Quincy and I
Back at the cafeteria earlier, and I can’t believe what am seeing. “What the h*ll is this?”I said silently looking at my phone. “This is a big misunderstanding, how can I clear this? It seems the whole school would have seen this. I picked up my jacket to move out. I met Helena at the entrance holding her phone. With the expression on her face i can tell she saw the news already. “What is this?”she asked holding her phone up to me to see. “It’s a misunderstanding Helena believe me”i said explaining myself to her. “But I saw the both of you with my eyes, is this true? I can’t just take it if it’s true”she said with bad expression on her face. I was so irritated by what she said”helena this is unlike you, so if everyone believed this, you can also believe it?”i asked looking at her. “I tried not to believe this,but it’s just not clear to me”she said looking angry. Why am I even explaining myself to her? It’s not like she’s my girlfriend, so why is she this upset on this ordinary picture?”fine think all what you want,it’s not like I made a promise to you or I confessed to you. If you can’t believe the truth,then accept what you see”i said angrily walking out on her”Why are you like this Jason?”i stopped on hearing this with my back turned to her. “Fine it’s true you didn’t confess to me or made a promise to me, but have you ever consider my feelings for you? Does it even mean anything to you at all? Am I not good enough for you as a girl?”she asked with her voice shaking like someone who is crying. “I loved you with all my heart but all you do is just ignoring me all the time. What am I to you exactly jason?”she asked sounding bad.

“What you are to me?”I asked facing her. “Since you don’t know let me make it clear to you. You’re just like a sister to me or should I say a friend?, you’re just that and nothing more but you’re crossing the line as a friend or sister. Stop acting this way,it doesn’t suit you”I said and finally walked out on her.

Quincy’s POV

I explained everything to noah and of course he believed me. He left for his practice while I also went for mine. I walked down the passage heading to the practice room, I saw jason coming out of the music class not looking good, I stopped looking at him to say something about the news but He didn’t even stop, he walked away like am a stranger. “didn’t he see the news? I thought to myself as he walked away. “About the news in school don’t worry about it, I will find a way to solve it”he said as I finally prepare to move to the practice room. I turned back to look at him, but he was gone. I wonder why he was like that. I saw Helena also coming from the music class with her face not looking good. I think there was a fight between them, but why? I thought to myself looking at Helena. “Helena what happened between you guy? Did you Guys fight? You’re not looking good.”I asked holding her hand. She removed her hand from me forcefully looking angry”stop playing innocent here ok, who’s fault is this?”she asked looking angry. I have never seen this side of her before, why is she mad at me? Did I do something bad to her? But what is it?”I asked myself questions that I can’t answer. I looked at her in surprise”but what is my fault? Did I offend you?”I asked her with a calm voice. “So you don’t know what you did?, fine, don’t show that your face before me again ok”she said and walked out on me pushing me to the side with her shoulder. I looked at her as she left angrily. I can’t just get this situation anymore. Why is she like that? Is it because of the news?.

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