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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 36
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I got inside and was walking straight to my room. Then, I overheard madam tina speaking to someone on phone”don’t worry, I will make sure my daughter be the heir to the company. I know how to arrange that. Just relax, Its time for David to step down. I think he spent enough time as the president of the company”she said laughing out loud. “What is this evil woman planning again?”I thought to myself angrily.
I went to my room, wondering what madam tina is planning to do.

I went to check my mum at the hospital. And met Mr David there. “Dad you’re here”I said looking at him. “Yes, I just got here now”he said smiling. I told him to be careful of Madam tina, she’s planning evil things behind him. But he told me he’s aware of that. She use to give him poisoned coffee every morning which is suppose to be killing him slowly until it gets worst but he wasn’t taking it and pretend as if he doesn’t know anything. And was also aware she puts my mum in this condition out of jealousy. But He want her to fall into her own trap because, if he should react to it, her mother would help her out again. He’s just waiting for the perfect time to deal with her. I was surprised he knows all these. We stayed longer with my mum before going home together.
When we got home, madam tina was in the living room with her daughter. She stood up on seeing us and came to hug dad. “Welcome home dear”she said hugging him. “What an evil woman. Acting so pure and innocent to someone you’re trying to hurt”I thought to myself looking at her angrily. “I need to rest”dad said and headed upstairs. I looked at both of them and rolled my eyes. I tried to leave for my room but something caught my eyes. I looked the frame picture of Mrs David By the wall, and saw the wrist watch around her wrist. I then looked at Madam tina”so, it’s really you? You wont just get away with it. I promised”I thought to myself looking at her. I left for my room, think about the incident.


Two weeks later….

The unexpected happened.
Dad slept on his bed and was announced dead by his doctor. This shocked everyone. Jason ‘s family came to our house and everyone was very sad on hearing this news. Helena cried bitterly, madam tina also put on a fake acting. She was the one that cried most, but I know she’ll be happy within herself. I also cried while jason consoled me and was also very sad. Madam tina excused herself to pick an Incoming call. I also excused myself and followed her silently. “Hello, that idiot is gone. How can he chose his daughter over us? He betrayed me first, so it’s not my fault”she said to the caller. I looked at her angrily. I wish I had a gun with me right now and shoot her to death. She’s so evil and heartless. She finished making call and turned round. She saw me standing there and moved closer. “Were you eavesdropping?”she asked looking at me. “What an evil b---h you are”I said angrily. “Go on and tell them this. No one will believe you”she said laughing. “It’s your fault your father is like that. After his burial, I will deal with you then. Just be ready for me”she said smiling. She headed back inside acting sad again.
I followed her angrily but what I saw in the living room left me with a shock

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