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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 28
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I stood by the door staring at him. I turned to face my mum, and she was looking at me wondering why I haven’t allow the person in. I shut the door and went back to mum. “Who’s is? Why are your not letting him in?”my mum asked looking at me. I moved closer to her and whispered”Mr David”I said. She quickly jumped up out of surprise. “What! You mean David Is here?”she asked looking at me. I nodded my head to her. “What should we do? Should we ignore him or let him in”my mum asked looking at me. I also don’t know what to do, I just stared at my mum. He knocked on the door again”please let me in, I have a lot to tell you”he said still standing outside. “Open it and let’s hear what he have to say”my mum said to me. I went to the door and open it slowly. He looked at me for a while before moving in. He looked round the living room and looked at my mum. The look on my mum’s face is not good at all. “W…why….”my mum tried to say something but her voice started shaking as tears rolled down her cheek. I quickly moved to her side and patted her”mum don’t do this again, I don’t like seeing you cry”I said wiping the tears on her face. Mr David looked at my mum and went on his kneel. Me and my mum were so surprised. “Mary, please forgive me. I also regretted all what happened to us back then”the man said pleading. “It’s not your fault David, I was the one that left you, so no need to blame yourself.”my mum said sobbing. “Please stand up David”my mum said to him. He stood up and my mum asked him to sit on the couch. He sat down and so did my mum. “How is mum and dad?”he asked looking at my mum. My mum told him all they died in a car accident 19years ago. He felt so sorry for my mum. I was looking at him the whole time, he doesn’t look like someone that will hurt us, he looks innocent and caring from his behaviour. “How is Tina? I hope you guys are happy together?”my mum said looking at him. He took a long sigh and looked at me”can you excuse us please, we need privacy”he said looking at me. I looked at my mum and she nodded her head to me to do so. I left the living room and went to my room. I sat on bed thinking about a lot of things”I think helena got her attitude from her mother, crazy bitches”I thought to myself. “What if my Mr David want my mum back, would she agree with him? Then would helena and I be sisters? Hell no, Never”I thought to myself resting in my bed. “What could they be talking about?”I asked myself. I stood up from my bed and started walking around my room. I feel so restless. I wanted to eavesdrop on their conversation but I hesitated and went back to my room collapsing on the sofa. After thirty minutes the finished whatever they were saying and my mum called me back into the living room. I sat on the couch beside my mum wondering what they both talked about, the man stared at me for a while before he finally set to go. He left and I went to close the door. I went back to my mum and she showed me the envelop he gave her. It was the sum of 100,000,000 dollars. I opened my mouth in surprise looking at my mum. “Why would you take that from him?”I asked my mum. “It’s not like we complained to him that we are suffering, is this pity or what?”I asked my mum feeling bad about the money. “Its ok dear, I also refused it, but he begged me to take it. I can use part of this to settle our rent or what do you think”my mum Asked. I nodded my head in agreement. The food we prepared is cold already, we eat some of it before going to bed.

I got to school and not too long a van came from NELL entertainment. It took jason and I and it drove to the company. When we got there, someone opened the door for us and we stepped down. The company is so urge and beautiful. A man lead us into the giant building.
Jason’s POV
We entered the building, quincy seems surprise but I have been here so many time so I was not surprise. The man lead us to the place where we’ll be having the shoot. Camera men and some stylist are there already and the scene has been prepared. A lady lead quincy to the changing room. And I also went to change.

10minutes later, I looked at the mirror and was satisfy by what I saw. I went out of the changing room and quincy is not yet out. 5minutes later, quincy came out. My mouth flung open on seeing quincy. She looks like another different person, my eyes glued on her. “Is she even from this planet? She’s too beautiful and hot, Is she even the quincy I know? Helena can’t stand her right now”I thought to myself looking at her. “Now let’s start”the director’s voice brought me back to reality. The way she walked in those hills, she steps like a princess. We shoot photos together in different styles. She’s so photogenic and cute. The director asked us to come together and she wrapped her arm around my neck, which makes me swallowed hard. “Why am I nervous, it’s not like it’s the first time we’re this close”I thought to myself with my heart beating fast. “Mr jason focus”the director said. I smiled and went along with her.
We shoot photos in different cloths and shoes of different fashion. After the photo shoot, the van dropped us in school and left. Students are going home already, I told quincy I will take her home and she agreed with me. When we got to my car, I opened the car door for her acting mr romantic. She looked at me and smiled. She entered and I turned to sit in the driver seat. She was staring at me and I can notice that from the corner of my eyes. She stared at me for long and that makes me feel uncomfortable. I turned to her and caught her eyes on me. She didn’t look away but stared deep into my eyes”why? Is something on my face?”I asked her. “I love you”she said smiling. I looked at her surprised”I know you do”I said looking at her. “I love you so much jason”she said again making my heart race. “I….I know. Stop act…..”she shut my mouth with a kiss wrapping her arms around my neck. “Oh my God, this is what have been dying to do since, but she took the first move”I thought to myself as she kissed me. I kissed her back holding her face up to mine. We continue kissing, this is the best kiss have ever had from her. She’s so romantic and hot. I have forgotten we’re in the car. I touched her body romantically and that make her body vibrate in every touch of my hand. We continue kissing more deeper and I can taste the sweet lips gloss she had on her lips back there, our tongue tangled together in deep kiss. Suddenly a call came in and we quickly broke the kiss on hearing the ringing tone, she moved back to her seat”P..pick your call”she said not looking at me. Then I realised it was my phone ringing. I picked it and was surprise to see the caller. I looked at quincy and picked it. “Hello”I said. “Hello jason, am feeling better now, can you come to the hospital?”helena asked on phone. “Am busy today, I will come tomorrow”I said to her and she cuts the line. I looked at quincy who was looking at me, wondering who called on phone. Helena is better but I feel sad about it. What will I do about that girl, I hope she won’t try anything crazy to hurt my quincy again. I thought to myself feeling sad about the news that she woke up.

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