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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 26
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“Mary,Why are you here?”the man asked looking at my mum. My mum looked at the man and tears rolled down her cheek.
“M…mum”I called, when I saw her crying. “Mum?”the man said looking at me in surprise. “You mean, mary is your mother?”the man asked looking at me. But i was just staring at him with no reply. The look on the woman’s face were not good like someone that’s not happy to see her(my mum). “Mum,who are they?”i asked my mum again. She quickly rushed to me”its nothing dear,just get some rest ok”my mum said wiping her tears. “Mum but, you’re crying. Are they bad people?”I asked looking at her. “They’re not, so get some sleep. I will check back on you later”my mum said. She looked at both of them, who are watching us in surprise and she went rushing out of the door. I looked at her as she went, I know all is not well. Jason was sitting beside me on a stool by my side, he was also looking at the whole drama. The man was looking at me seriously. “Let’s go dear”the woman said to the man. The man stared at me for the last time before they finally went out. I looked at them as they both went, especially the man that looks familiar. Jason held my hand lightly”it’s ok quincy, maybe they were school mates back in school”jason said. I looked at him and sighed. “How is helena?”I asked him. “She’s still not conscious, but she’ll be alright”jason said. “Are you feeling alright now?”he asked. “Yes but my body is still in pain”I replied. “Please you have to feel better soon for my sake”he said looking at me. I smiled and nodded my head. “About the modeling, they postpone it, because of you.”he said. “They would have use another person for it”I said. Jason looked at me and smiled”they can’t because, there’s no one prettier than you in school, so get well soon ok”he said smiling. Noah entered and he came to me”quincy, are you alright?”he asked when he got to me. I smiled at him and nodded my head. “That’s a relieve for me”he said. Jason placed my hand by my side gently, and covered me well with the blanket. “You need to rest now, it’s getting dark”he said looking at me. I nodded my head in agreement. Noah was looking at us, as jason was doing all this. “I will check on you early tomorrow morning”he said looking at me. He moved closer and pecked my forehead. “Bye”he said and stood up to leave. Noah was looking at us in surprise, I can see that in his face. “What are you doing? Let’s go she needs to rest”jason said when he got to noah. He looked at me then looked back at jason”alright we need to go. Bye quincy”he said, and they both went for the door.

Four days later…..

Quincy’s POV

I was discharged from the hospital, and my mum and I left for home.
When we got home, my mum took me to my room and was about to go out.”mum who are those people back at the hospital?”I asked sitting on my bed. She turned to me”they’re just friends”my mum said smiling. I opened my drawer and brought out the picture of the man. I stretched it out to her, she changed her expression on seeing the picture”I know this is the man I saw in the hospital, and he was putting on the ring you said it’s for my dead father, can you explain this mum?”I said looking at her. She was surprised to see the picture from me. “H…how d..did you get that?”she asked in a shaky voice. She came closer looking at the picture. I took the picture away from her view. “Can you explain this mum? Is he my father? Is Helena’s dad my dead father?”I asked yelling, with tears on my face. “Am sorry quincy, am very sorry for lying to you about your father, you know I love you so much? I think this is time to explain everything now”she said sobbing. “What? Tell me it’s not true, mum tell me it’s not true!!! I said crying.

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