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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 2 - Episode 4
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The NightMare

I heard ‘whaaaaaaap’ on my face, it was her hands, I tried to tolerate it by all means even when my spirit was willing my flesh was not. I grab a shirt and left the room, I went out to one joint they do sell beer, I drank myself to stupor, that period was when I realized the effect of alcohol on a sorrowful and confused nigga, I walked with my head home, after being drunk.

On getting home, I met Jenny absent, she was no more in my room, I was happy though being drunk, I could at least still reason, as I lay on the bed I slept off. “Catch him, catch him, thief, thief thief oooo, everybody come ooo” I was confused but at the same time, don’t wanna ask questions, knowing too well that in Lagos, Alaba especially they don’t use ears to hear that word thief, because they will lynch whoever is being accused before they even hear his explanation. I started running as I hear different people with different weapon coming out of their shops in pursuing me, I ran with all my life, I don’t know what I did. Fortunately I sighted one shop I know, and I ran straight there before any one could trace me, they whole crowd ran pass me, the shop owner asked me, “oboi wetin hapun na, wetin u steal way make them the pursue u like that” “bros, see me see wahala ooo, I no steal anything ooo, I no even go near anybody shop, I just the waker and before I know, one woman just the follow me the shout thief, thief, thief, I come the confused, ah bin wan stand but I know how people the for here now, them no go wan hear anything until them kill you” I explained to the guy who owns the shop, he told me that I tried by running away, if not I should have been death by now, me self thank my star that very day. As we were still talking news came to us that the guy that steal and they misquote to be me was caught and was being beating to stupor, his survival rate being marginal. Suddenly, I saw my pursuers coming back with their weapons, I believed two things must have necessitated their coming back, either they couldn’t found me or they heard that the real thief was caught. I ran back into the shop, I stood by the door to hear what they will be saying. “But nna men, na goddy save save that boi ooo, we for just kill am since sef ify to say we catch, we for just kill the wrong person be that”. One of them said. “I swear, that woman kwanu, she just d shout on top boy way no do anything come leave the real thief, wannem, make god no let us kill innocent person for this alaba ooo”. Another one responded, I thanked the owner of the shop as I followed them to the scene of the incident. On getting there I saw a young man lying in the pool of his blood, with cutlass cut and wood all over their body, blood coming out of every part of his body, I was moved with tears, I was just imagining myself being the boy if it has not being my chi, the man might even be innocent as me. I went with tears to the woman’s shop, who first raise alarm, when she saw me, she started begging me to please forgive her, that she was very sorry, I just looked at her, looked at the boy lying death on the ground, I couldn’t help but cry. I didn’t say a word to her, I just left.

On getting to the main road, I never knew I was standing on the main road because I was thinking, the next thing I heard was the screeching of a vehicle, it almost kill me, as I shout Jesus!!! I woke up and my body was full with sweat, the dream remain a mystery for many days……………………

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