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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 2 - Episode 3
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Begging her

I drew close to her held her hands and shed tears inside her hands, I looked up into her eyes kneeled down and I started, “baby am very sorry for everything that has happened, all the head-ache and heart-ache I have caused you am very sorry, please forgive me”. She was just staring at me without a word. “Baby please, just find a place in your heart to forgive me, I know I have wronged you greatly, my sin is before you and God, forgive me so that God will forgive me too”. I said to her as she opened her mouth to talk, no word came out, she tried again, no way, then finally she opened up her mouth and spoke. “What did you do”? This question sound rather too strange! I can’t really fathom what she meant by what did I do. I wanted to answer her by another question like “why are you crying”? But I just decided to trace carefully, but what do I give her as an answer now? I was really thinking hard, if I say I offend you, and she ask me how nkor? Or maybe I say for f-----g you and your friends? I better not try it. I sat properly and tried to iron what I would say. “Am sorry for hurting your feelings, for taking your true love for granted, sorry for not being always there for you and you alone, sorry for all I have done”. I count those words out carefully as I analyzed them to make sure I don’t add salt to injury, as I finished she was crying aloud now, her tears was uncontrollable. “You this b------s………..” (Sorry I have parent am not a b------s), I gave you my pride, my virginity, I gave you my heart, my money, body and everything and this is how you are repaying me? Sleeping around with my friends, giving five of us pregnant, I regretted ever coming across you, ever knowing you, you are the worst…………” “Shhhhhhhhhh, sorry baby, don’t make statement while being angry, you might say things you won’t like later on, am a beast, b------s, ill-luck, unlucky, worst et al, no problems, but please don’t mention them again else later on you would wish you never say those words, please”. I cautioned her but she wouldn’t listen. “That is the fact, you don’t want me to tell you the truth abi? You are a demon in human form, a beast that shouldn’t be loved, you are heartless………..” “Hey just stop there please! What do you mean? I have been tolerating all this insult, you knocked me out, I went to the hospital and I have not recover yet, still am begging you, now you are still calling me names………….” Waaaaaappppp” in my face I heard those sounds! Guys be careful not to fall into my shoes. I was contemplating on whether to hit her back(God forbid! Hitting a girl was the last thing I will do on earth before I die)the urge to leave the room or stay keeps coming to me, don’t know what to do, totally confused of what to do…………….

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