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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 2 - Episode 2
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Listen all of you guys that flirts thinking it’s smartness, if this is the result of smartness then I believe it is a folly!! I can’t even talk of a single achievement I have, had I known, I would have kept only a lady, but now, this is where I found myself.

Excuse me, in all these issues now, where are my besties? Where is Solomon and Thomas? Does it mean they’ve not heard that. I was hospitalize? I wanted to lie down but I couldn’t because those witches were still standing motionless without a word. Suddenly Vivian spoke out, “how are you feeling now”? “Better” I replied. “I want to reach home, I will check on you later, take your drugs and relax” she said and left without calling others. As she left immediately, Doo followed, Louis and Lucy too immediately, leaving only me and Jenny and Bola.

I stood went to the toilet and came back, as I came back, Bola received a call, I didn’t even hear her discussion with the caller, she just said ok, pick up her bag and left, I was left alone with Jenny who was sitting quietly looking at me. Should I beg her or I should just ignore her, since she has the gut to knack me sending me to the hospital, but I realized she did it out of anger, think of it, if I should be the one, won’t mine be more than hers? After all I did to her, her case was even the worst because I de-flowered her with a promise of dating only her, but her p---y alone couldn’t satisfy me, and now here I am confused, dejected and miserable!!

They said it’s only a strong mind that apologizes, even when you have every reasons or evidences not to do, u still go ahead to do it but in this case, I don’t know if I can term myself the strong, or the weak. I reasoned within myself, I realized she needs me, she needs at least a courage from me, she wants me to speak something soothing to her, she needs words she can hold unto. Among all the ladies I came across, Jenny was the first, she was perfect, if that adjective is not understatement, she can stand by me in all situations, as her anger is, so is her tender care, as her weak mind is, so is her fury, I regretted ever breaking her heart, but now the deed is done, only solutions is needed, but how do I get the solutions is the issue now, as I sat down watching her, she was all tears, I drew close to her and………………….

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