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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 2 - Episode 1
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Well……….Law of kamar really does exist, sometimes in life we do some things and forget the after-math. I was or should I say used to be the most intelligent guy in my class those years, was vibrant, good looking and very clever. I had everything I wanted and therefore life to me was bed of roses, I flirt as I like, I knew quiet ok that condoms exist but no time to the check time.

I had and slept with different type of girls for fun as they kept coming daily for reasons best known to them, I took advantage of that and I never really slack but I became foolish when I couldn’t control it……………….and it all came back to me……………every and all the things I did reverse and I was caught in between life and death, the decision was simple but it has both negative outcome……………but I had to do some thing that will change my entire life for better and that decision was the toughest of all my life!!!

True Life and a little fictions

Part 1


Discharge From The Hospital

Before I finished written my WAEC examinations I had impregnated up to 5 ladies, contracted STIs and was about to commit suicide because I couldn’t control my libido, to me I thought it’s all about laying the prettiest bae or going out with the most popular bae, I never in my widest imagination, believed it’s more than that, I never believed it wasn’t all about that at all.
During my WAEC exams I happened to be one of the best, (if not the best) students in the school that period, I became so much popular that I even had sex with corp members and my junior students not mentioning how many of my class-mate I slept with, it worsen to a situation where by I date or should I say kept sleeping with 5 friends at the same time!

I came out of the doctor’s office, having been taking there by my female friends when I collapse as a result of a hit by Jennifer when she discovered how unfaithful I was.

I went straight to the bed I was admitted upon, picked my things which they collected from my hands, we all went home to my house. On our way, many thought was crossing my mind, what do I do next, about five girls pregnant for me within months, how comes my sharp shooting is just too sharp? How do I tell my parent that where they sent me to write exams, I flirt and impregnate five girls within a period of three months? These and many thoughts kept bouncing in my mind, I was lost in the thought to an extend that I forgot that I have gotten to my house and they were waiting for me to come out of the cab, these thoughts became visible and I couldn’t help it, we all get inside, I sat on the bed, they all stood around me-six angry looking girls, Vivian, Dooshima, Lois, Lucy, Jennifer and Bola, all staring at me, at this moment, confusion, regret, pains and pity was all I got, I couldn’t help but shed tears as I reminisce all my sexcapade with them, this pain now is greater than the enjoyment I had back then, even if the so-called enjoyment is something to write home about, however, this travail has erased every bit of it where can I find joy, I really believed in the law of kamar “what goes around comes around” whatever you sow, you reap. Now the whole world should come to an end but can I make it happen? Wish I never had wanted to write WAEC because nothing woult have brought me to Agyaragu in the first place………………

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