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Well, Doyin on the other was still in sorrow, she was still finding it hard to believe it was over between her and Roland. She was in disbelief that Roland could reject her after everything, Roland calling her a bad influence, even though it was Roland who taught her how to smoke, drink, party and other terrible things. The worst part was the abortions she went through because of Roland. She was broken, she was ashamed, the news already everywhere that one of the most powerful couple has broken up. She barely adjusted to everything. Although she continued with exams, project and other necessary things, even though it took the grace of God and friends intervention before she concentrated on her academics. Doyin was trying to move on but it’s so hard cos they’ve so many beautiful and ugly memories together, especially the domestic violence. So one faithful day, it was the final exam of Roland, Doyin finished her exams first, it was her final exam also, so she decided to go to Roland’s department and congratulate him and probably beg him since he would be in a happy mood.

Doyin with her friends walking towards Roland’s department…

Friend 1: Doyin I don’t understand you, do you need to see him, just forget this guy and move on.

Friend 2: I wonder ooo, we are suppose to be on our way home to go and celebrate, you just want ruin your day.

Doyin: No now, I just want to see him, just want to congratulate him and maybe beg him. Since he will be in a happy mood, he might still consider me, who knows. I just want to see him, I miss him.

Friend 2: Consider you? Please me I don’t want embarrassment at their department, what if he starts shouting or something.

Friend 1: Lets just follow her, I just hope you won’t regret what you’re about to do.
On happy day like this you’re still thinking about that bastard. Na you sabi

Doyin: I can’t regret it, I have a feeling he will take me back
Both friends stare at each other, Friend 1 signaling to Friend 2, asking if Doyin is insane.
They eventually got to their department, they saw a huge crowd, people sheering, taking pictures, taking videos.

Friend 2: What is going on? What’s happening?

They noticed the huge crowd surrounded some people, they moved closer to witness what was going on. The students were sheering, clapping. They forced themselves into the crowd and saw that it was a proposal that was going on, unfortunately it was Roland that was proposing to Elizabeth. Doyin was shocked, she was shivering, she couldn’t believe it. She has finally lost Roland.

Friend 1: Doyin, please let us go. Are you satisfied now… Girlfriend it is time to move on.

Friend 2: Lets us go ooo
Doyin refused to leave the scene, not until she heard someone gossiping from the crowd saying “Isn’t that Roland’s ex girlfriend? Doyin or what is her name? Na wa oo”. She was so ashamed when she heard it, she shamefully walked out of the crowd with her friends. Doyin kept is together, she was speechless, until she left Roland’s department, she bursts into tears. She was weeping profusely… Her friends consoling her.

Friend 2: I warned you, you wouldn’t listen.

She kept on crying till they left the school campus, it was suppose to be a happy day for her but it was ruined by Roland’s proposal.
The following day, in Doyin’s room, her friends noticed Doyin was talking to herself, she was laughing to herself, smiling, calling Roland’s name. She was misbehaving, she was laughing really loud, continuously calling Roland’s name. Her friends were scared, they tried calming her down but she was getting worse, they were worried, could she be insane? They quickly picked up her phone and called her mother, explaining Doyin’s sudden and scary behavior. Her friends were already crying, they were nervous.

Friend 2: Hey, God, what is happening to Doyin?

Friend 1: Let me quickly go and call the porter, I’m nervous ooo. I hope it’s not what I’m thinking.

They were both crying, till one of them rushed to call the hosted Porter who quick and saw Doyin’s weird behavior.

Porter: Have you called her parents.

Friend 1: Yes, she’s coming, her mom is coming

The Porter advised they take her to the school clinic as they quickly rushed her to the school clinic. Students in the hostel were worried about Doyin.

To be continued

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