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She was really tight, Roland had to pour more lubricant so as to make it freely. Inserting slowly, till he finally penetrated her fully. She screamed mildly, it pained her cos that was her first penetration.

Roland: Sheeeesh! Sorry
He brought it out and penetrated her again, he was going slowly, both of them m0an!ng, he was enjoying cos she was so tight, Bleeping a virgin is the sweetest thing ever, while Elizabeth was enjoying it but also paining her. Roland continued to bang her, pounding, he became a little bit fast this time, m0an!ng, kissing, smooching while banging her, squeezing her b0s0m, Roland was really enjoying it, this the sweetest [email protected] he has ever Forked his life, banging here sU-Cking her Tips.

Roland: Oh yes, I will be gentle, yes. Oh my God.

Banging, banging, deep Bleeping in the missionary style since that was her first time, hitting her so hard but no so fast.

Elizabeth: Please come

Elizabeth said in pain and pleasure…

Roland: I’m about to Pour, oh my God, yes..

Banging, banging, banging as he was about to Pour, someone knocked on his door. Roland, Roland, knocking of the door continued, Roland, calling his name. Roland woke up, it was only a dream, Roland was having a S£x dream, having S£x with Elizabeth in his dream.

Roland was so pissed, he was unable to Pour in the dream. He was angry…

Roland: Oh my God, who be that? Who be this now, why now. See how this person spoil dream for me.

“Roland it’s me”, the person knocking replied, it’s a female voice…

Roland: I’m coming abeg
Roland looked at his erected J0yst!ck in his boxers, he was so hung, his boxers was filled with pre-Pour, he quickly stood up, off his boxers and changed to another one, he was still very hard.

Roland: Please hold on, I’m coming.

Roland opened the door, surprisingly it was that same girl, you remember the girl that Doyin caught having S£x with Roland, Mimi, the 100l girl, yeah, she’s back again with a bang.
Mimi was putting on extremely mini skirt, a very exposing spaghetti blouse, showing her cleavage, exposing too much, you could even see her Tips, she was looking so damn hot, Sekxy and irresistible. Roland looked her from head to toe, all of a sudden, his J0yst!ck was totally erected, he had an erection straightaway.

Mimi: Hello Roland
She smiled seductively …

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